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After having the iPad 2 for about a solid month now I wanted to give my full review and some thoughts about how the iPad can apply to Photographers. If you would like to see whats new with the iPad 2 compared to the first iPad check out our review here, iPad 2 new updates.

Although the iPad 2 is not a huge leap forward in technology I do believe that some of the small updates do make a difference. Just like with our photography, attention to detail can make all of the difference in the world and the iPad is no exception. I really had no complaints about the first iPad and have used it pretty heavily. The iPad had replaced my laptop in most cases and I loved the interaction you have with a touch device from the first day of use.

First a general review of the iPad 2

Size – I do have to admit that when they announced the specs for the iPad 2 and were touting it’s 33% thinner I was not amazed at all. I never felt the first iPad was bulky, however after a lot of use its amazing how much of a difference the weight makes. I always hold the iPad up like a book when reading and the extra weight savings you get with the iPad 2 makes it much more comfortable to hold.

Speed – The upgrade in processor that the iPad runs on does make the tablet much more responsive. Although the first iPad was pretty speedy for certain larger apps the launch time of the app has been cut in half or more. While it might not be worth the upgrade to shave a few seconds here and there the speed is pretty amazing.

Cameras – The iPad 2 introduced 2 cameras, a front camera and rear camera. While it is pretty handy to hold FaceTime calls with your iPad the quality of stills or video taken with these cameras are pretty poor. Don’t expect to see a big rush of iPadography out there like you did with the iPhone. I reviewed these separately if you want to view the quality of the iPad 2 video and still here: iPad 2 Video Camera Review and iPad 2 Camera review vs iPhone 4

HDMI Mirroring – This is one thing that I thought would be very useful in sharing things with my clients but so far has turned out to have little real world use. In theory it sounds pretty cool, you can plug your iPad 2 into your TV and share anything on the screen. You can already share certain things like photos, videos, etc… but now can mirror the iPad’s screen to show anything like websites. I currently show my new clients a slideshow and some work on my iPad which is connected to a flat screen TV. Sometimes during a consultation a question comes up that I like to show an example of, someone might be talking about a certain type of dress or

I think the iPad 2 overall is a decent upgrade from what was already a pretty amazing product. There aren’t any groundbreaking changes with the iPad 2, however some nice improvements which really makes this tablet an amazing tool.

How can the iPad be used in your photography business? It isn’t going to replace Lightroom or Photoshop as a heavy duty image editing program (yet), but I do think there are many things that it can be useful at in regards to our Photography businesses.

1. It makes a great portable portfolio. Having a few really solid slideshows and some great images to flip through on your iPad can always amaze people. Since I never know who I am going to run into, I bring my iPad with me everywhere pretty much. If I am dropping off some cards or something at a wedding venue I might show the coordinator a recent slideshow on there, or run into a new potential bride in line somewhere. You only have one chance to make that perfect first impression and having a strong show on your iPad can really help. There are also some pretty cool apps that let you create a branded portfolio instead of using the built in photo or video viewer. We will review a few of these soon so stay tuned.

2. It’s a good way to back up your work while traveling. Instead of bringing a bulky laptop to download your cards and save your work you can plug in the Apple Camera Connector Kit and download all of your cards to the iPad for backup. I have used this at weddings to backup my work and while the download speeds aren’t as fast as my laptop with a fast card reader during the dinner while there isn’t much else to do it works great.

3. Software. While there still isn’t something like Lightroom available for the iPad there are some pretty cool apps that we can use for a wide variety of things. I have always felt that the strength in these tablet devices will be in the new types of software that people create. Things like LighTrac where you can plan out the sunrise/sunset for a location shoot. Or apps that allow you to connect with your desktop environment like the new Photoshop touch apps that adobe announced recently. There is going to be some pretty amazing stuff coming in this field over the next year which I am really excited about. For a view into what the new Photoshop touch apps will be able to do check out this video:

Also check out some of our iPad app reviews by clicking on the product reviews button at the top of the site. We review a new app every week and have some great app reviews coming soon.
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Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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