Instagram updates app with adjustable filters

I do love to use Instagram for casual photos and when I’m out and about to capture a quick moment. And although I usually put a filter on my photos it’s usually one of the more subtle photos as some of the filters can be a little overbearing. Instagram the other day made a big update to the app which will allow you to edit the intensity of the filter so you can dial down the effects a little bit. The version 6.0 update also now lets do you some editing aside from adding a filter and gives a little more control over the image which is nice. Now you have these editing abilities from within the app:

instagram 6 update

  • Adjust: This will let you crop or straighten out your photo
  • Brightness: Adjust the overall brightness of the image.
  • Contrast: Will let you modify the contrast up or down.
  • Warmth: Here you can warm up the tones of the image with some yellow tones or cool it down with blues.
  • Saturation: A simple up and down slider to adjust saturation.
  • Highlights: Should adjust only the Highlights up and down but does impact some mid tones as well. Not the quality of the Lightroom highlight slider but from Instagram I wouldn’t expect it anyway.
  • Shadows: Same as the Highlights but for the shadows.
  • Vignette: A straightforward vignette that you can adjust the strength, no controls over the size of the vignette just the overall strength.
  • Sharpen: Another slider that will sharpen the overall image. You can’t un-sharpen to make something softer only sharpen the image.
  • The tilt shift effect (one of my favorites in Instagram) is also moved away from the main screen and into this additional screen of extra tools.
    Overall there are much more robust apps to fine tune your images for iOS but if you love Instagram for the network and speed then this does now give you a few more editing options which can come in handy.

    What do you think about the update, let me know in the comments below.

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