How to use the Auto Sync in Lightroom

With shooting wedding and portraits you come across batches of photos where the lighting and camera settings are totally fixed. For example during the reception you normally will have pretty consistent lighting and using the same settings on your camera. When going through the post processing work in Lightroom your best friend can be the Auto Sync feature.

Before we talk about Auto Sync i’ll need to cover what the normal sync feature does. When you shoot any type of event you will have a batch of photos in the same lighting and want to process them the same way (or at least very close). So in this example I have a wedding shoot with a string of photos of the bride and groom all shot with the same settings and in the same light. I clicked on the first image, made all of my edits to that photo first. Then while still having the first selected I select clicked the rest in the series and clicked the Sync button.

Screenshot 2015-08-01 21.55.08

This is great because it syncs the rest of the images you had selected in one click! You can also tell Lightroom to sync only the settings that you would like to have applied across this series.

Screenshot 2015-08-01 21.55.37

However what if you make another correction after you clicked the sync button to the original image. Normally that wouldn’t apply to the rest of the photos unless you turn on Auto Sync. To turn this on just click on the switch to the left of the Sync button and it will toggle to read “Auto Sync”, now when you still have this series of images selected and do any change to an image it will sync the settings automatically as you make any change, you don’t need to click the sync button at all just fine tune the image on one and Lightroom does the rest.

Screenshot 2015-08-01 21.55.21

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