How To Automatically Add Your Copyright Info in Lightroom

There is certain information that I always want to have included in the metadata of my images. Copyright information is one of them and always an important thing to add to your photos. Adding your copyright is really easy and can be done automatically when importing your photos. Here is a walk through on how you can automatically add your copyright info in Lightroom.

First we will create a template in the Library module. On the right side head on down near the bottom to the Metadata tab. Here you will have some basic Metadata you can edit like your name and Copyright line.

adding copyright in lightroom copy.jpg

Next we will want to add additional contact info. In this default Metadata view you don’t see many fields, so to expand this just click the Default dropbown that appears on the very top left of this section. Here you can choose other parts of the Metadata and we will pick IPTC. Now enter in all of your contact information.

You now have your contact info and copyright appended to the Metadata of this one image, pretty quick and easy. But the real power comes from adding this to all images that you import and can be done with a preset. At the top of the Metadata box you have a drop down called Preset. Click on this and then click Edit Presets. This will bring up a view with all of the information you have in the Metadata and give you the ability to make any additional changes or uncheck something that you might not want to apply to all images (like the caption that you might have specific to this one image). Make any edits to this info and then click on the drop down at the top where it says Preset: Custom. Choose the last option, Save current setting as new preset. Then enter a name for the preset and you are done!

Now when you go to import a new set of photos, select this new preset to automatically add your copyright information to the images.

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