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A new iPhone app was just released that has some pretty amazing technology behind it. It really blows my mind how far technology has come where you can now do more advanced things on your iPhone or iPad than you could with the top of the line computer and Photoshop from not too long ago.

Group Shot is a new iPhone app that makes it very easy to replace people in a group photo with their head, or really any part of the image. The app is extremely easy to use, and works pretty well. For those quick snapshots of your friends or family where you need to switch someone out it’s a very handy app. To get started just launch the app and then either select to take a series of new photos or import photos from your iPhones library.

group shot iphone app review

This will import the photos to the app and give you a split panel view with the 1st image in the series showing large on the left as the main image and then the full set you chose on the right as smaller thumbnails. If the first photo wasn’t the best one of the set then tap on the icon that shows 2 images being swapped to choose another main image.

group shot iphone app review

Here I am using a sample group photo they provided and will swap out the boys head with a different shot. All you have to do is start painting on the face to swap out with your finger and you will see a yellow mask being created. You can pinch to zoom in closer and if you make a mistake just tap the backwards arrow to go back a step.

group shot iphone app review

Once you make your selection just tap on the image you would like to copy from on the right hand side and wait a minute for it to “perform it’s magic”.

group share app

That’s it, in under a minute you have swapped out a head on your iPhone!

group share iphone photography app

Overall it’s a very handy app and at just a buck you really can’t complain. There would be some nice things to add that would make the app better and here are my top suggestions for future improvements.

It would be nice if you could adjust the brush size when painting in the area you want to swap out so you could really refine your selection. Right now there is just one brush size which is fairly large.

Also along those same lines it would be nice to have an eraser brush as well to be able to erase where you go too far. You have a redo button but it would be easier to just erase sections.

Another nice have would be to select the source from the new image you are pulling from. Right now it pulls from the same exact section but what if the person you are replacing moved from shot to shot? It would be really cool to be able to move the source and also give you the ability to have fun and totally swap peoples heads around!

You can get the app in iTunes here: Group Shot iPhone app.

While I won’t use this for wedding formal images, it will come in really handy for those quick family shots where someone always has an awkward look!

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