Great examples of hollywood lighting

As I was flipping through all of the Oscar contending movies the other day I kept looking at the movie poster for the Artist. It’s a striking black and white image that really captures the feel of lighting that Hollywood become known for during a certain period of time. I have always loved the look of these images, they have such great contrast and with the deep dark shadows

If you want to learn more about what Hollywood lighting is check out an intro here: Hollywood Lighting .

Old Hollywood XI
Photo Credit: BartNJ

Old Hollywood Lighting
Photo Credit: DraperStudios

Hollywood Light
Photo Credit: Alex Strand

She Sits In Shadow and Light
Photo Credit: TJ Scott

image18 by ShutterCraze ) on
image18 by ShutterCraze

If you are interested in learning more about this style of lighting and how to set it up just let me know in the comments below and I can create some articles.

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  1. Fun to have my work included in this article/blog – but Credits on the photos would be good…

  2. Yes, a ‘How To’ article would be great!

  3. Would DEFINITELY love to see a how-to article on how to light this! 😀

  4. Love this style of lighting – very atmospheric. Thanks for sharing these images they have inspired me. :o)

  5. Particularly love the light patterns on the backgrounds… so moody.

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