Google + vs. Facebook the Social Media War Heats Up

Facebook has been the leader in Social media for quite some time now and Google has made a few attempts in the past to take over. Their past attempts failed but the most recent Google + seems to be taking off and in the photography space is taking shape as a great place for photographers and artists to get together and communicate.

The last few days with the ability on Google + to share circles there have been an overwhelming amount of people following each other and the momentum is picking up for Google +. I am always interested in social media for 2 different aspects. One as a great way to connect with other artists and have good conversations. The other is as a vehicle to keep up with my past clients and also attract new clients. I have used Facebook successfully for a number of years now to market my studio and it has worked out well to gain new business. Check out a recent post Facebook for Photographers – 5 tips that I wrote awhile back.


So I wanted to do a quick comparison yesterday. I ran this test in the evening way off peak time but the results were still pretty interesting. The Facebook wall that we have has about 5,000 fans, I have had this page up for about a year and a half and have steadily been growing the follower count every day. It’s built up steady over time and get a fair amount of feedback from each post. Since many of the followers there have been a fan of the site for awhile there is an established connection. With Google + I have been on since the start and up until this week had about 2500 followers. Now with the sharing of circles available my follower count has been growing like wildfire and I have over 11,000 followers now. These are new people many of whom I don’t really know yet so I was curious on how engaged they would be.

To test out engagement on the 2 platforms I posted the same photo during the evening. The Facebook page received 8 comments and 33 likes.
My Google + page received 23 comments and 76 likes. The comments are about 3x from Facebook (even with a follower count of double this was still a surprise to see since Google + and my followers are so new) and the likes just a little over double.

Pretty interesting to see and at this point in the game anything can really change. Maybe there is so much interaction on Google + since it’s new and will wear off over the next few months? Nobody knows but for now I can say it’s a pretty fun place to connect with other photographers and if you aren’t on Google + yet you should check it out. Add me if you would like and lets talk photography. In terms of your photography business I still think that Facebook is the winner and where you should spending your social marketing time. Mainly for the simple fact that they have the numbers, their base is still the largest and it’s a good chance most of your current clients are on Facebook already but not Google +. So connect with them and their friends on Facebook and use Google + to connect with other photographers and be inspired.

Also check out our list of some cool photographers I have found on Google +

Whats your favorite social media site and why? Leave a comment below and lets start a conversation.

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Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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