Google Buzz – a fad or another way to connect?

I have to admit when Google Buzz hit the scenes a few weeks ago I was kind of Social Media’d out. Don’t get me wrong I love social media, it’s a great way to connect withgoogle buzz family, lost friends and meet new people that share your passion. I love connecting with other photographers on Twitter and use Facebook a lot to keep in touch with my friends and clients. But those two keep me busy enough and when Google Buzz came out I dismissed it mainly because I didn’t have time to check a third site every day.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Google Buzz yet its Google’s entry into the social media field and similar to Twitter in a few ways. You can follow people and post what you are doing (with photos also) but one of the main differences that I actually do like is people can comment on your status to open up a conversation. To me this is better than Twitters @reply system so people can actually get good conversations going.

A few downsides so far for me are there isn’t any searching like Twitter has. I can’t search photography and see what others are talking about in the photo world. For me the fact that it’s built into Gmail is a downer also, I don’t use Gmail that much and prefer having it as a stand along service that you can access from other devices. Twitter for me is so much more useful because I can access it on my iPhone with some great apps (I love Tweetie!). So whenever I have a few minutes free I pop open my iPhone and check in on the twitterverse (or facebook). Having it accessed through Gmail will make me a little less likely to use it often.

Since it’s new I am still checking it out and haven’t made up my mind if this will be useful or not. If you want to start up a conversation on Buzz check me out at Mark.Stagi.

What do you think about Buzz? Love it or hate it? Leave a comment below.

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Author: Mark

Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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  1. Hey Mark,

    I was kind of like you when Buzz came out, “Oh another thing to waist my time on”.. but I discovered that it’s a better place especially to find art and photography. Here’s a thread by Justin Korn were you can find more than 200 photographers.

    And it’s better to follow conversations, you actually can say your opinion without the limitation of 140 characters. Now there are a lot of things that I like about Buzz.

    Another thing.. You mentioned that ‘there isn’t any searching like Twitter has…” There’s a button called “Search Buzz” in the upper side of your Buzz.


    I wanted to ask you if you had more visits after Buzz came out? Since you’re ‘Digital Photo Buzz’ I imagined that brought some traffic to your site. Right?

  2. Thanks for the comment! I will keep looking into Buzz, that link you sent has lots of great photographers on there. Going to follow them and see what types of conversations are online!
    Also no extra traffic after Buzz came out for me 🙁

  3. Hey Mark and Arianys have made me want to go check it out now. I’m a big Gmail guy actually. I’m sure that Google is already working on aps for different phones. It surprises me that they wouldn’t have launched it all together and available immediately. They could lose people’s interest really quickly if they make it harder to access. I will go get signed up and send you my profile info when it’s done. Thanks


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