First thoughts of the iPhone 5 for Photographers

Today was another Apple event and the official announcement of the iPhone 5. Although the rumors had this one pretty much nailed a month ago for the main specs (larger screen, slightly thinner, yada, yada… the addition details on the camera feature were nice to see. Although many people might knock a camera phone as a “real” camera the current iPhone 4S takes some pretty impressive photos and I do use it myself pretty often. Even though my camera of choice is my trusty Canon 5d, there are many times when I am out with friends or with my kids just hanging out where I don’t want to grab my 5d but always have my phone handy. In the past I would hate to use my phone for any images since the quality was so poor but now you can get image results that are better than many point and shoot cameras and with the convenience of the smart phone its great to have.

So whats new with the iPhone 5 when it comes to taking photos? Here is a quick update on what Apple modified with the iPHone 5.

A new optical system – With more precision lens alignment along with a sapphire crystal lens this should make photos clearer and sharper.

A new image signal processor – This will help to give you a 40 percent faster photo capture. Also with a smart filter they can do spatial noise reduction giving you better low-light performance, and improved noise reduction. Spatial noise reduction removes noise via a smart filter that looks at images and figures out which areas should be of uniform color or texture.

Panorama feature – There are many panorama apps out there but the built in feature to just swipe your phone across a scene to create a panorama looks pretty cool!

Enhanced HD video recording – The iPhone 5 records 1080p HD video (same as the iPHone 4S) and has a improved video stabilization to help you get away from that blair witch project look. It now has face detection which can detect up to 10 faces, and you can take still photos as you record a video. A big improvement to video though is the FaceTime HD camera on the front which now shoots 720P.

Also here are the images that they showed during the demo, click on any to view it full resolution:

Are you making the upgrade to the iPhone 5? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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