Exporting your images for viewing on iPad

Whenever we export our images in Lightroom we should always be exporting in the optimal resolution for the device or platform we will be viewing the final images on. If you are going to be exporting to the iPad Retina display here are the settings that I suggest to enter in the export dialog box in Lightroom. When going to export there are only a few settings that you have to tune in for optimal viewing on your iPad.

The first thing I set is in the file settings tab i’ll set the image format to jpg and the quality to 90%. I have found in testing there isn’t any noticeable difference between 90% and 100% and it saves a good amount of space with smaller file sizes.

The resolution of the iPad retina is 2048 x 1536 pixels so in the image sizing section change it to resize to fit and enter in Long Edge. Enter in the longest edge of 2048. The PPI really doesn’t matter at all since we aren’t printing. All you have to worry about is the pixel count of the device and if we set it to 2048 then we are all good. For sharpening I choose to sharpen for screen with the standard amount of sharpening. For my style this adds just enough sharpening. That’s it, now you have the perfect settings for your retina iPad!

ipad export lightroom

Also for the iPad 1, iPad 2 or the iPad mini just set the long edge to 1024.
Once you get everything all dialed in don’t forget to save this as a preset. To save a export preset just click on the Add button on the bottom left and name the preset. This will add it under User Presets on the left menu so you can quickly use it in the future.

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