Exporting images in Lightroom for iPad

With all of the buzz out there today on the iPad 2 I wanted to share a little about how to best export your images from Lightroom for the iPad. The screen resolution for the iPad and iPad 2 are the same so this won’t matter what version you have. Although the iPad does not have a “retina” display like the iPhone 4 the display is still a very beautiful way to display your work. It shows amazing color and with the portability and personal feel of a touch interface it really is a great way to show your portfolio off. Just like with anything you want to export your images in the best resolution to maximize the impact so here is a little info on how to export your images in Lightroom specifically for the iPad.

Lightroom Export Settings

Here is what I have found to work the best when exporting your photos from Lightroom to the iPad. The iPad’s display is 1024 pixels wide so we will keep that in mind when choosing our export settings. For the file settings I am saving these images as jpeg images with a quality of 90. This should give you a very sharp image while cutting down on the file size a little bit. Since the iPad display is 1024 wide I will set the long edge of the image size to be 1024. This will give you an image sized perfectly for the iPad however if you want to zoom in on the image or put the photo in a slideshow that uses a moving transition like the Ken Burns effect then you will want to make the photo larger. I normally suggest doubling the size and saving it as 2048. Unless you are running out of room on your iPad this works great. For the output sharpening I will set that to sharpen for the screen with a high amount of sharpening. That’s it, just a few settings to optimize for the iPad. When you are done you can also save these settings by clicking the Add button on the bottom left of the export pane and save this as a preset.

Here is what my export screen looks like:
exporting photos to iPad


Once you have exported your photos optimized for the iPad the next step is to import them. There are a few different way to do this through 3rd party apps but the way i’ll cover is through iPhoto. First import your photos to iPhoto and then plug your iPad into your computer to do a sync. When you have iTunes open and the iPad sync dialog up click on the photos tab on the top and then select the event you just added to iTunes. Click Apply and you are done. Now enjoy your images on the crisp iPad display.

optimizing photos for ipad

Also if you just got an iPad and are looking for some great new apps to fill it up, check out our top 10 iPad apps for photographers.

For everyone who wants to see what the new iPad 2 is all about check back tonight or tomorrow for some first reviews.

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