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One of the big announcements when Lightroom 4 was released was it’s ability to now store video. With DSLR cameras shooting video now many of you are probably like me with now thousands of little clips. Storing those in a way that was easy to view and archive used to be tricky but with Lightroom now supporting video will be a very nice addition to catalog our video files. Today we will take a quick look at what you can do with videos in Lightroom 4.

Lets first start with importing your video files and how they show up in the Library. Video files are imported just like your still images and will show up right inside the Library module alongside your still photos. The main way to tell it’s a video file is you can see the time of the video on the bottom left side of the image.

LR video Files copy

Also from this view you can move your mouse over the image from left to right to scrub through the video file and get a sneak peek at the video. This is really helpful if you have many files which are similar and need to look for a certain frame. Lightroom changes the thumbnail of the video for you but you can easily change that. To do this first click on the Loupe View (shortcut click E) and then just to the right of the time indicator click the rectangular box and select Set Poster Frame.

Although videos can’t be edited in the Develop module in Lightrom like you can your still images you can edit your video clips. In the Library module you can use the Quick Develop panel to apply any effects here to your videos. Since your Lightroom Presets show up here you can give your video just about any look by applying any preset you have to the entire video clip. You can also adjust things like Exposure, Contrast, Blacks, Whites and vibrance here in the quick develop module.

LR video Files Edit

Just like with your still images you can add keywords to video files, rate them with star ratings and add meta data! Since I have started to shoot more DSLR Fusion videos this really will be helpful and I’m looking forward to bringing lightroom into my video workflow now. This was a quick review of Lightroom 4 video ability. Stay tuned for more information on Lightroom 4 beta coming soon! Also anyone that has questions about Lightroom please leave a comment below.

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  1. Good overview, I thing the ‘capture frame’ function is worth mentioning, also the fact that you can copy the develop settings from still images to video. Color grading has never been this easy… on the other side it needs only a touch too much and the video turns into a noisy hell… Lightroom 5 will be awesome, especially when Adobe will get the idea of adding export options to Premiere Pro and after effects, somehow all those things are missing in LR4.

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