Dramatic Black and White photo contest

*** Update – The contest is now closed, thanks everyone for your great submissions. Winner will be announced on Monday so check back **

It’s time again for another fun photo contest. The theme of this contest is going to be one of my favorite themes, Dramatic black and white. It can be a portrait, landscape, floral, anything you want the only rule is it has to be a black and white shot and dramatic. That might mean dramatic lighting, really high contrast, it can mean a lot of thing but the key is your best black and white shot that has impact! I can’t wait to see what everyone enters, the last few contests have had some really great work!

For this contest we will pick one winner for a $100 Black River Imaging giftcard! We will also feature a few runner up’s on our website. To enter just upload your image below where it says “Add Photo” (max size 600×400). Make sure to enter your website address or name in the Caption so we know who you are! Also only one entry per person. NOTE: Once you click submit the image does need to be approved and may take a few hours, just click the submit button once we will get your entry online soon.

The contest will end in one week next Friday September 24th at the end of the day PST. Lets see your best shot!

[photosmash id=8]

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  • This is sponsored by Black River Imaging. They offer many great products for professional photographers from Contemporary wedding albums, guest books and press printed products. For more information on everything they can create for you check out their website at: http://www.blackriverimaging.com/


    Contest Terms:
    Anyone can enter 1 image.

    For every photo you enter, you must:
    own the copyright. the photo can not have won or been runner-up in a previous competition on Digitalphotobuzz.com
    You are allowed to enter photos you uploaded to DigitalPhotoBuzz.com before, even if they haven’t been featured.
    By entering your photo, you’re also giving DigitalPhotoBuzz.com a non-transferable, non-revocable right to feature it on our website. You will still own the copyright, and full credit will be given to you for the photo.

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    Author: Mark

    Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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    1. Hi there. Can’t seem to upload my photo for the B/W contest. Is emailing it to you an option? Thanks.

      Jan Rieger

    2. Hi Jen,

      Is it giving you an error? Let me know and I can try to get it working for you?


    3. Sorry, didn’t include my name or website the first time I tried to submit the photo.

      Great submissions so far!

    4. Its doing the same thing to me.

    5. Hi Quinna,

      What is it doing exactly?


    6. Mark, Well I just looked again from yesterday and its there now but missing my name. (its the old candy machine) but yesterday it was telling me the file was too large or there was a problem and to reload the page. and I had resized it many times. Maybe it was just a glitch. thanks for your help.

    7. i have submitted portrait named arya

    8. Hi there! Great submissions so far. 🙂

      However, I was wondering how you know how to contact the winners when there’s (seemingly) no registration process?


    9. Hi Michelle,

      When you submit the photo there is a caption spot and there you can enter your email or website address so we can contact you.


    10. Hi sorry I downloaded my pic twice could you delete the first one without the e mail address please ?


    11. just wondered where my photo went? i tried to upload it to
      the b/w comp, named it “magnolia in the shade”

    12. where is my photo “magnolia in the shade” for the dramatic black and white photo comp

    13. Hi, I’m having the same issues when uploading my photo. It gives me an error message saying upload failed. Is there any other way of getting it to you?


    14. No problem jessica I just emailed you.

    15. Hey i’ve uploaded twice by mistake. same photo just the first on was the wrong size and half the photos been cut off. the corrected version should be up soon. sorry

    16. Hey, I uploaded a picture titled ‘Night.’ but I have a feeling I did not add a name and email to the caption. It’s Thomas Pinney and tom_P_118@hotmail.com.
      Many thanks,


    17. Hey, I uploaded my picture twice by accident. The second one has the correct title. However I’m not seeing either one anymore. Sorrrry! 🙂

    18. I also cannot upload my photo it says
      “Image upload failed. Your image may have been too large or there may have been another problem. Please reload the page and try again.”
      my image is of size is there another way to send it to you?

    19. ok it actually uploaded the photo now its called “swim ni the risk” but it did NOT allow me to put any information like my name. 🙁

    20. Hi I am getting the same message saying the upload failed, i was wondering if i could email you my photo. i already resized it so it is small enough.
      please let me know!
      thank you!

    21. I’m receiving an error message that the file is too big.

    22. not allowing me to upload my photo

    23. Hi, I’m having problems when uploading my photo. It gives me an error: Upload Failed. Is there any other way of sending it to you?


    24. If anyone is still having problems post a link to our facebook page and I’ll add it.

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