Doing a batch resize in Lightroom

One really great thing that Lightroom makes really easy is doing a batch resize. Let’s say you just finished a shoot and the client needs all of the image right away in a small 400×600 resolution for their website. Saving your images in a new size is very easy and all done through the export menu. So lets take a quick look at how to do this.

First in the Library module click on the Command-A button to select all of the images from your shoot. Then click on the Export button to open up your export settings.

export settings in lightroom

Here you will see a section for Image Sizing. Just set the size for the longest part of the image (Lightroom is smart enough to base it on the long size so this works for vertical or horizontal images). The size can be set in Pixels, Inches or Cm and you can also set the resolution in Pixels per inch or Pixels per cm. Once you have the size set then just click on the export button.

This won’t do anything to modify your original images since Lightroom is processing a new copy of the image. Also I normally save the images in a folder within the original folder just with a name so I know what it contains, for example Jpegs 600px.

Another thing you can do that is very handy is add the settings you are using here to a preset. On the left side of the Export panel you will see some presets that Lightroom has built in and the ability to create your own. To save these settings as a preset just click on the Add button on the left, create a name, then choose the folder to add the preset to.

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