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Flickr is one of those sites that up until about 10 months ago I really never payed attention to. For whatever reason I thought it was just for people to upload their snapshots and share with their friends. I think the first time I heard about it my dad sent me a link to view some photos he uploaded so that experience must have sticked with me (I definitely did not get my photography skills from my dad). Awhile back when I was searching for a few images to reference in an article here on Digital Photo Buzz I ran across Flickr again and was amazed by the quality of work that people are sharing there. Not only great work but it seems like there also is a good strong community of people who offer suggestions and help each other take better photos, it’s great! I have been thinking about how we can use Flickr on this site to have one place for people to share images and open discussions but first wanted to get some feedback on what you all thought about Flickr. Do you use it right now and enjoy posting images there? Are there drawbacks that discourage you from using it? Let me know in the comments and also answer this quick little poll. Thanks!

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Author: Mark

Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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  1. I’ve had a flickr pro account for nine months now. No problems whatsoever. Uploading and organizing photo’s is a breeze. Easily links to blogs,twitter,and facebook.

  2. Well as far as drawbacks are concerned, if you don’t have a Flickr Pro account, you are limited to a monthly photo upload limit of 100MB and other limits that they have mentioned here:

    But! Now, for the amazing part. Flickr Pro is awesome. No limits on stuff! Well, maybe some. 😛

    Other than that, the quality of work uploaded by photographers around the world is amazing and the networking is great. Nothing comes close to Flickr. And if you are not using it, then you sure are losing out on some great quality work!

  3. I’ve had a flickr Pro account for several years now. Love it.

  4. Thanks for the comments Khurt and Lovell!

  5. Yes, I have a pro account and have used it earlier. Seems I have not explored the full potential of flickr yet. Maybe for a reason that posting larger files has not been as easy as with facebook. I have to reduce the file size before posting it on flickr and that is one additional job I hate to do, especially when I do processing using a single s/w i.e. Picasa 3.0.

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