Displaying additional info in the Develop module in Lightroom 5

A quick tip today for all the Lightroom users out there. There are many ways we can customize Lightroom to fit our needs and unless you search through all the menus and submenus some you would never come across. I have written many articles big and small on Lightroom and will keep adding more articles to the site so make sure to subscribe to any of our newsletters here to never miss a beat.

Today’s tip is a way that we can view additional information about a photo in an overlay when we are in the develop module. This will overlay some extra info about the shot in the top left hand side of the image and can include information like file name, date created, exposure info and many other options. In the example here I have it showing the Camera Model, Exposure info and lens info.

Lightroom Info Overla3y

To turn this on just head over to the View –> Loupe Info menu. You can also click Command-I to toggle this on and off.

Lightroom Info Overlay

You have 3 lines of metadata that we can show here and each line can be customized from many different options. To customize this info overlay click back on the View menu at the top and then click View Options. Here you have 2 different presets that you can cycle through and for each you can set up to 3 data points to display.

Lightroom Info Overlay2

Adobe’s defaults are OK but I really don’t care much about the file name so customize both of my views to show information that matters more to me like Camera Model and Creator. Quick and easy and gives you additional info about a photo at the stroke of the I key which cycles through showing nothing, showing the info 1 overlay or the info 2 overlay.

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