Directly adjusting the Hue Saturation and Luminosity in Lightroom

Quick tip today on how to directly adjust the Hue, Saturation and Luminosity in Lightroom.

Lightroom has some great features to really fine tune your images that some of you might not know about. One section that I think is underused sometimes is the HSL module in Lightroom. Under the develop module the HSL module stands for “Hue, Saturation and Luminosity”. Instead of using the Hue or Saturation sliders in the basic module these give us a lot of fine control over our images and can be very valuable. For example if I wanted to adjust the sky only in an image and make the blue really pop just head over to the HSL module and in the saturation section crank up the blue. It’s really quick and you are only adjusting the color range you are working on.

using HSL in Lightroom

After a quick adjustment in blues our sky pops now, and the other colors are not effected!

A nice quick way to adjust this is to click on the small dot icon in the top left corner of the HSL menu. Once you click on this you can roll your mouse over any color in the image to select that color. Then simply move your mouse up and down to adjust that specific color up or down. It’s a really easy way to adjust a specific color range.

By editing the Hue, Saturation and Luminance by individual color ranges you get a lot more control over your image. Here are a few more uses that can come in handy. If you have a really blown out sky and want to bring more contrast and detail into the sky use the Luminance and bring it down. Here you can see the difference in the sky by simply bringing down the blue luminance slider.

Or if you wanted to change around the color of a sunset just use the hue section. Here is clicked on the circle icon in the hue section and then just clicked in the sky and dragged my mouse down a bit to move the red and orange hue down a little, changing the sky from a amber color to a deep red.



That’s it, a quick tip that I hope was helpful today. If you love using the HSL module to adjust your images share a comment at the bottom of the page I love to hear from you.

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