Customizing the Lightroom Panel End Marks

One cool thing about Lightroom is that you can customize many parts of it. I talked about Creating a Custom Identity Plate For Lightroom a little while back and today want to show you how to edit the panel end marks. Many of you might be thinking “what the heck is a Panel End Mark?”. Very good question and something that even if you know what it is probably don’t know it is customizable. These are the graphics that show up on the bottom of the right and left panels in Lightroom and can be totally customizable.

lightroom end panels

First there are many other built in graphics that you can use instead of the default. To access the other options just Control-Click (or right click) on the end mark and select Panel End Mark from the drop down. Here you will see many other options you can select as your end mark. Since Lightroom is one of those apps that you can spend hours upon hours in its nice to have something here that you enjoy looking at.

lightroom end panels2

Replacing this with your own custom graphic is pretty easy as well. First you will need to create a custom graphic. For this example I am going to use my logo for this example. The size of the image should be set to 235px wide and as long as you would like. I saved a copy of my logo as a PNG file in Photoshop and in my logo image the background is transparent so the background will blend right into Lightroom.

Then in the Panel End Mark menu choose the Go to Panel End Mark Folder option at the very bottom. This will open up a finder window with a folder where you can store your own custom graphics. Move over the file you just saved into this folder. Now when you right click on the Panel End Mark and go into the Panel End Mark menu you will see the file that you just saved in the list.

lightroom end panels

That’s it, now I have my logo embedded into the end panel in Lightroom!

lightroom end panels

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