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In out article last week about photoshop shortcuts I talked about how important keyboard shortcuts can be in Photoshop to save you time. Photoshop has a good amount of shortcuts already programmed into the app but I always find myself using other menu items that don’t have a shortcut. Thankfully Photoshop has a easy way to create your own keyboard shortcuts. To access this menu click Edit –> Keyboard shortcuts.

photoshop keyboard shortcuts

For this example I will create a keyboard shortcut for a common setting I change the Shadow Highlight setting under the Image — Adjustment menu.
All you have to do is find the menu command in the list, click on the shortcut column and then type in your keyboard shortcut. I will use Control + Command + S for Shadow/Highlight. Click the Accept button and thats it!

adobe photoshop keyboard shortcuts

One note, if you do choose a keyboard shortcut that is already in use (for example I use Shift + Command + F for Flatten, but by default Photoshop has that as Fade). It will warn you that shortcut is already in use. If you click accept that old shortcut will be removed.

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  1. great tutorial. Photoshop is so powerful, pity most never learn to use more than 20% of it’s capabilities.


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