Creative Ways To Use The iPad In Your Photography Business

Today’s post is a guest post from Sheryl Warwick, check out all of her information below.

I would buy anything that Apple sells so I might be a little biased, but the Ipad has been my favorite product they have ever produced. I keep my Ipad on me at all times and it’s everything to me. It has been extremely useful for my photography studio in terms of sales and marketing. I want to highlight on some ways I utilize my Ipad and how it has paid for itself many times over.

For marketing I use it for two primary purposes as well as just handy tablet to view my portfolio with clients. The first thing I use it for is presentations. I often make promotional appearances and use it in conjunction with a TV as a media player, with a 10-hour battery life to display my YouTube videos and portfolio slideshows. It draws people in and just takes a cheap HDMI cable to plug right in. Once I have them talking to me I ask if they are interested in spinning the wheel to win a discounted shoot or free prints. That’s where Apples vast array of Apps come into play. My absolute favorite is iprizewheel. I got the idea from wanting to put up a spinning wheel at my bridal booth. The only thing is I’m not so good with hammers or nails. So it was Ipad to the rescue. Iprizewheel is a digital version of a prize wheel at a local fair. The best part is that to spin the wheel you have to give me your number and email address. The app will email you all the contacts you collected at the end of the day with the prizes they won. I generally get 300 brides contacts at a bridal fair. I’m tempted to purchase another Ipad because sometimes the line gets too long for people to come and spin the wheel. Then they can’t see the videos I was playing, but that’s a good problem to have. It’s amazing to see the crowds pour around it. Every time someone wins brides scream with delight, luring more potential clients in to my booth. It’s a win-win for me and the brides and their winning reactions just fuel the fervor of the event. Every time someone screams while pulling slot machines you want to go look. Iprizewheel has been a jackpot for me.

My future plans for my Ipad and its role in my studio will include print purchasing. I want a simple order form were they just tap the picture and select which product they want. When they have their bill totaled up they can pay using the Ipad via paypal or squareup. Simply slide your credit card over the free adapter squareup provides, sign the Ipad, and your client is paid up and heading out the door. The app will email or text them a receipt. It’s a great way to get paid while on location and an easy and cheap way to accept credit cards for those looking to expand their payment options. I haven’t found a app for my print purchasing yet, but I’m sure I will find a match as apps become more and more popular.

There are many other apps that I haven’t tried but I’m sure will be useful. There are apps covering things from remote camera shutters to model releases. It’s cheap and great functioning software that just makes life a little easier. For the price point you can’t afford not to have an Ipad for your business. I continue to find more uses for the device and I’m sure it can be implemented for photographers that work in different fields in many ways.

Sheryl Warwick

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