Creating a Photo montage with Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad

Photoshop Touch came out on the iPad on Monday and I have been playing around with it a lot to get a good feel for the app. To test it out I wanted to run through a quick tutorial that I was working on in Photoshop and see how easy it would be to do on the iPad. It’s a simple layering exercise, I had the image below shot at a wedding and I just loved the amber sky. But what I have always thought would be cool is to add a nice big harvest moon coming over the horizon on the left of the image. So lets run though how to create a composite with Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad.

First I already had the images on my local iPad photo library but you can import from many other sources. I’ll cover that for anyone interested later on. First I opened up the main portrait image and then at the top left clicked this icon to add another image. . I selected the image of a moon and this added a 2nd layer in the project with the moon. Once it imports it will let us move and resize the image around the canvas.

Now that we have the moon image in the first thing I need to do is select the black area around the moon to drop it out. I first tried the magic wand tool but that still left a little black circle around the image. So next I tried the brush selection tool, and this actually worked really good. You can toggle on or off a Edge awareness which I had on and came in very handy. With just a quick brush around the moon it got all of the black and didn’t go into the moon part even though I was not being that precise with my finger. You can also use the + and – buttons in the toolbox to add to or remove from your selection so you can refine it. I was able to get this selected very quickly and in the end it wasn’t perfect but I could have spent a few more seconds refining if I had wanted to.

photoshop touch ipad tutorial2

Once I had it selected just go to the edit menu at the top and hit clear.

Now that I had the moon added to the sky I really wanted to add a little more sense or realism and have the moon coming up behind the gazebo on the left. Clicking back on the main layer I used the brush selection tool again to select the gazebo. HINT: Use a pinch gesture to zoom in, the closer you zoom the easier it is to create refined selections. I also modified my brush in the tool menu to be smaller than what I had for a more accurate selection.

Now that we had that selected I copied and pasted it into a new layer and dragged that layer to the very top. With the layers menu you can drag and drop to move the order and you can also hide a layer by clicking on the circle on the top left of the layer preview.

photoshop touch ipad tutorial7

So far everything is looking decent but I really want to blend the moon in a little more, it was standing out so much now that it still looked fake. To fade it we will add a new layer that is a copy of the main background layer but fade the layer from the bottom of the image to about 1/4 of the way up the moon. Then we will add this layer on top of the moon layer so it will blend into the clouds at the bottom section of the moon. To do this just click on the & menu at the top and select the fade tool. Drag the 2 handles from where you want to start the fade and end the fade. The main menu at the bottom will let you change the type of the fade but you can also click on the palette icon to change the opacity. Here you can select the opacity of the fade along with what you want your start and stop to be (I chose to go from 0 to 100% fade to get the most gradient in the image).

And that’s it. The moon is now faded into the sky a little bit and as a last minor edit I changed the color balance of the bottom layer to include a little more red to match the moon. But once you know where everything is at with Photoshop Touch iPad it’s very quick. This only took me a few minutes to do, everything ran very smooth no glitches or issues at all.

Hope you enjoyed this run though on Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad, if you have created anything with the app let me know! Post a photo of one of your creations on our Facebook page or leave a comment below.

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photoshop touch ipad tutorial9

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