Creating a beveled text effect in Pixelmator

Pixemlator is an amazing little app, however there are features missing out of the box that Photoshop has when it comes to customizing text effects. There aren’t any out of the box effects you can run on text like drop shadows, bevels and other effects that Photoshop has built right in. But the great thing is that creating a beveled text look in Pixelmator is very easy so today i’ll walk you through the steps.

First create a text layer and then by right clicking (or control click) on the layer in the layer panel choose Convert into pixels. This will rasterize the layer so that we can modify it with effects.

Next duplicate the layer and apply a stroke to this layer.

pixelmator bevel text

Next we will add a gaussian blur to the layer.

pixelmator bevel text

Now we want to select the text in the original text layer. Doing this in Pixelmator is easy, if you Command-Click on the thumbnail in the first text layer you will see this selects the actual text. While this is selected then click on the copy of the layer that has the blurred stroke and go to Edit –> Invert Selection.

Press delete and this will remove the blur that was going outside of the text lines.

pixelmator bevel text 4

Now all you have to do is play with the opacity to change the amount of the bevel effect. Pretty quick and easy way to bevel your text in Pixelmator.

If you missed our last tutorial on Pixelmator check it out here: Creating a cool Bokeh Effect In Pixelmator

And if you don’t have Pixelmator yet, its an awesome and very inexpensive Photoshop alternative you can get in the Mac store here.

Pixelmator - Pixelmator Team

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