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I think sometimes one of the most ignored sections of Lightroom is the Web galleries module. Most of the focus on Lightroom is always with the Library and Develop tab and while those are where you can spend a majority of your time there are many other great features Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has. Today I want to talk a little bit about the ability to create Web galleries in Lightroom. It can be very quick and easy to create a web gallery in Ligthroom and i’ll walk through the steps from start to finish.

Let’s say you want to create a quick web gallery with some highlight images from a client shoot. Here is a step by step guide on how to create a web gallery from start to finish.

1) Pick the images you want for the web gallery. The first step is to pick the photos you want to include in the web gallery. When you go to the Web module to get your gallery all setup it will pull from the images that are visible in the Library module, so that’s where we will start. In the Library module i’ll rate any images that I want to include with a 5 star rating (you can use whatever type of rating you prefer here and will fit into your normal workflow). I always make sure to only show the best of the best in a gallery and images that have a little more artistic flare compared to the normal image. I want the images my clients see to have as much impact as possible. You can rate something a 5 star by just typing the 5 button on your keyboard or clicking on the star icons underneath the image.

lightroom 5 star

2) Filter your picks. Next, once we have all of the 5 star ratings selected we will have to change our view so we filter only the 5 star images. At the very top of the library module you will have the various filters you can apply to the view. Just click on the Attributes button and then choose the 5 star option. This will filter everything else out and only show your 5 star images.

3) Organize and customize the captions. Before we head on over to the web module to customize the gallery options we will want to do a little bit of house cleaning in the Library section. Depending on how much information you want to show in the gallery you might want to have a caption with the image. In the metadata section of the Library module (On the very bottom of the right pane) you will have the Metadata section. Here enter in any comments you would like to show in the caption section.

4) Customize your web gallery. Now for the fun part. There are many different settings you can adjust for your web gallery. We will start on the right hand pane of the Web module. The first section called Layout Style will allow you to choose the technology behind the gallery. You can choose from 5 different styles and i’ll choose the airtight simpleview for this example which has a nice clean layout.

creating lightroom web galleries2

After that you can choose a title for your gallery and then a color scheme. For this style you can also customize where the thumbnails appear and how many columns and rows you have. I’ll set the appearance to show the thumbnails at the bottom with 2 rows and 10 columns. You can experiment with this and it will change your preview live as you make updates.

creating lightroom web galleries

Next you can choose to display the caption that we created earlier in the Library module or you can also include other options like custom text, date, exposure, etc…

creating lightroom web galleries

The last part to customize will be the size of the main image and borders. You can also disable the ability for users to right click and save the image which is helpful if you are showing photos to a client but don’t want them to be able to download the images. Once you have the template of your web gallery all setup you will want to save these settings in case you want to use them again in the future. Just go to the Template Browser section on the top left of the Web module and click the + button. Enter a name for the template and this will save these settings in your template gallery.

That’s it, pretty quick and easy way to create a web gallery using Adobe Lightroom.

Each different style of web gallery will have their own settings you can customize. Experiment with the different styles and have fun! Once you

Also check out our series on how to create a slideshow in Lightroom! What do you want to learn more out in post production? Leave me a comment below and i’ll add it to my list of topics to cover for the new year!

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