Create a Published Smart Folder to save your Lightroom images to Hightail

Published Smart Folders in Lightroom are a great way to save your images to other sites like Facebook or in this case to a cloud service. Today I want to walk you through how to easily save your 5 star images in Lightroom to a cloud service like Hightail. This is super simple to setup and comes in really handy, I use it to save any image I tag in Lightroom with a 5 star to a Hightail folder so I can always access those files from any computer or their mobile app.

Lets walk through the process to create a new publish service first. To get started head on over to the Library panel in Lightroom and scroll down to the bottom of the left pane. Under Publish Services click on the + button and then select Go To Publishing Manager from the drop down. Next click on the add button (on the bottom left) and select Hard Drive from the Via Service menu. Create a name for this and then click the create button.

lightroom to hightail1a

Now you will be able to create your export preset to define how you want Lightroom to save the image and where to save it to. In the first section for Export Location this is where I will point it to my Hightail folder on my desktop that syncs with my cloud account. In the Export To box select Specific folder and then click on Choose and navigate to the Hightail folder on your computer. I chose to save these images to my Hightail root folder and then under a subfolder called Lightroom and then another subfolder called 5 stars.

Everything else in this settings dialog box I left as default other than the image sizing. Here I have the images resized to fit 2048 on the long edge which is normally enough for my needs.

lightroom to hightail3a

Now you will see a new section under published services with the name you just created. This will let you drag and drop images from the Library view in Lightroom over to this publish service. That’s great but we want it to be a little more automated than that and automatically add our 5 star images to this folder. So for the next step right click on this new Publish Service we just created and choose the Create Published Smart Folder

lightroom to hightail3

Create a name and the filter criteria that you want. For this example I called the smart folder Hightail 5 Stars and the only criteria was images that are 5 stars.

lightroom to hightail4

I wish that was it and Lightroom automatically saved anything with a 5 star into this folder now. However there is a click you have to make to publish these. If I click on this new Smart Publish Folder you will see the photos that are tagged with 5 stars in this view along with a Publish button on the top right. Just click on this to process the images and save them to your Hightail folder.

lightroom to hightail5

Now that your first batch of images are processed any time that you remove or add a new 5 star rating it will add it to your queue to process. Again this isn’t automated unfortunately but all you have to do is click on this new smart folder and then click the publish button. Before you do that Lightroom will also show you what will be added or removed.

lightroom to hightail6

It may look like a lot of steps but only takes a minute to setup and is something that I use all the time to make sure my portfolio images are also saved to the cloud for easy access. All I have to do is click on the Publish button from this Published Smart Folder every once in awhile and I will always have my current favorite images available for me through my Hightail account to view, share with clients or send out to anyone. If you have any questions just leave a comment below.

Also if you don’t have a Hightail account you can sign up for a totally free account and save up to 2GB in the cloud here: Hightail Cloud Storage for Creatives.

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