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I am very excited to announce a new book that will be hitting the shelves very soon, Learn Pixelmator. If you haven’t heard of Pixelmator yet it’s a very slick app that is comparable to Photoshop in many ways. It’s an app that’s been around for a few years and have been gaining traction as they continue to add more and more features to the app. It kind of looks like a simple Photoshop clone and while it does borrow a lot from Photoshop its a great example of a well designed application with a good amount of power. Just like Photoshop it can give digital artists and photographers the tools that we need to unleash the creative process inside. Pixelmator gives us many of the strong tools that other applications have at a fraction of the cost, making it a must have app for photographers at any level out there. Right now it is priced at just $19.99 and over the past has ranged from $20 to $45 and even at $45 is a steal for the functions you get.

I’ve been working on a book for awhile to cover some of the main functions of Pixelmator and am excited that this will be coming off the printing press very soon. I’ll update everyone once the book is launched and hope that it will be a useful tool for many of you who want to learn how to use Pixelmator.

What you will learn from this book

  • Get to grips with using Pixelmator to edit your photos.
  • Adjust colors and learn the benefits of dodging and burning your photos.
  • Use the blur and sharpen tools to create visual interest.
  • Use selections in Pixelmator.
  • Work with layers and create multi- image collages.
  • Master effects in Pixelmator.
  • Use text and shapes to embellish your photos.
  • Colorize photos for a vintage look.
  • A little more detail about the book

    Today, everybody has a digital camera, but how do you turn your pictures into masterpieces? With Pixelmator, you will be able to edit your photos like a pro and get that artistic, professional feel to your images.

    Learning Pixelmator will teach you how to use Pixelmator to turn your everyday snapshots into works of art. With an example-based approach, you will learn how to use each tool effectively to create, edit, or enhance your photos. It is for everyone that wants to get started with Pixelmator.

    Learning Pixelmator guide’s you through a series of real-world tutorials to artistically edit your photos from start to finish. Starting with simple corrections, you will move onto advanced image editing techniques like creating a tilt-shift look from a photo, performing skin retouching on a portraits, and colorizing your images for an artistic tone. Covering topics such as using layers to create multi-image layouts and how to use text and shapes to embellish your images. With Learning Pixelmator you will learn everything you need to know to create works of art from your everyday photos. With the skills you will learn from this book the sky will be no limit with your digital photography!

    The book will be out soon in printed format and also an eBook format. Im excited to get this released and hope that it will be a great book for anyone looking to learn Pixelmator. Stay tuned for more information, the book will be out in just a few weeks and i’ll share the news with everyone once its available!

    Learn Pixelmator Book

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