Color Splash Studio Mac App Review

Color Splash Studio Mac App Review

One thing that I don’t think has really taken off yet but I am hoping to see great things soon is the Mac App Store. The iTunes store has taken off and although there are hundreds of thousands of bad apps out there for your iPhone and iPad there are also some really amazing apps and for an incredible price. You can get some high quality applications that are pretty powerful for these devices for under $5. When Apple released the Mac App store to buy apps for your computer I was hoping there would be lots of people creating cool appellations for the Mac and that with a marketplace reaching millions it could help push the price down. There are some pretty cool finds in the Mac Store and it has helped some apps like Pixelmator get exposure but overall I think there is a lot more potential for this marketplace and am hoping for some cool and creative stuff coming.

Today I want to do a quick review on a handy little app I found in there called Color Splash Studio. It’s a very simple app with one main goal, to colorize an image. The controls are really easy to use and it makes colorizing part of an image really fast. Even though I am generally not a fan of turning part of an image to black and white while keeping part in color (mainly because it was just overused in the wedding world about 8 years ago), there are times when this can add an artistic touch to an image. In Photoshop you can create a new layer and mask the layer to get this effect. But for those that don’t have Photoshop or just want a quick way to achieve this effect check out how easy it is to do.

First you can just drag and drop an image into the main page when you open up the app. This will convert it to black and white and give you some brush options on the right. Click on the color icon at the top and then select the Diamater, Softness and Opacity of your brush. Then simply brush back in the color on the image. If you mess up you can click the Greyscale button and paint back in the Black & White. There is also a Show button that will show you what you have painted back in as a very bright red. Since it can be hard to see sometimes the exact area you have painted in this comes in very handy.

color splash mac app

They also have some basic adjustment tools on the right side as well. The cool part is you can adjust the color layer and the Black & White layer separately. With the color layer you can adjust parts of the image like:

– Brightness
– Contrast
– Blur
– Saturation
– Hue
– Exposure

Also for the greyscale side of things there is also a preset for a sepia tone or a bluescale tone.

color splash mac app

The interface is very straight forward and once you are done there are some easy ways to share your image on different social media sites by clicking the Share button at the top.

color splash mac app

For only $2 this app is definitely worth it and I would recommend it for anyone who wants a quick and easy way to colorize an image. It does just what it says it should and in a very clean and elegant way. You can pick it up on the Mac Store at the link below. If there are any new Mac Apps that you love, share them in the comments at the bottom of the page!

Color Splash Studio - MacPhun LLC

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