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I ran into the author of Chasing the look through someone’s twitter account awhile back. They had a great review of his e-books so I had to check out his site for more info. At first I was a little skeptical with the low price of his books, at just $5 I first thought to myself “no way these can be any good”. It really seemed too good to be true and as someone who always questions everything I chasinglook-featuredthought it couldn’t be true. I didn’t spend much time on the site and closed the browser to do something else. After seeing a few more people rave about these books on Twitter the next day I decided to give another look. This time I looked at some of the work on his site (David Ducheminis the author) and there was some pretty amazing work. So I decided to get a few books and check them out… WOW what great lessons and insights in a $5 e-book. Here is a little review of his e-book “Chasing the look” which you can purchase through his website at:

This book looks at 10 different things you can do to have a “look”. It covers depth of field, light, shutter speed and some other things that will help your photography out. The book gives a little technical detail about them but what I really like is it focuses on the “Why” more than the “how”. He really focuses on thinking abut the shot, even how some basic elements you choose when shooting the image really do make a huge impact on the look of the shot.

Overall this book provides 10 pretty basic ways to improve the aesthetics of your photographs. But rather than going into huge details about apertures and shutter speeds, he provides you with the fundamentals and then really makes you think about how these impact the image. It really gets you thinking about your vision and this is what I think we all need as photographers and artists. We need to think more, dream more, have a true vision about what your image is saying rather than just pressing a button. For anyone who wants to learn more about improving their photos, go check this e-book out. I am sure it will get you to think about your work in a different light and hope that it inspires you to keep working on your craft. The art of photography is a continual leaning process but one of the most important things that I have always thought is that your vision is really the most important tool you have. I was happy this book wasn’t just a tutorial on depth of field and shutter speeds, but something that challenges you to think about why you should pick a certain setting and how that will really effect the camera.

Check him out on twitter at

Anyone have a recent book you have read that you recommend? I would love to know, leave it in the comments.

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