Captivating Color – A Guide to Dramatic Color Photography Review

DPS recently released another eBook called Captivating Color: A Guide to Dramatic Color Photography. It’s a book from Mitchell Kanashkevich that gives some insights into how color effects an image and is packed with many amazing photos and a beautiful layout. Here are some key parts about the book and a quick review. Also check out a great offer for this book at the bottom of the page:

You can download the book here: Captivating Color – A Guide to Dramatic Color Photography

Some key things that are discussed in Captivating Color – A Guide to Dramatic Color Photography

  • Understand how color affects visual weight and influences attention.
  • Use color hierarchy to tell stories and convey mood.
  • Combine subjects and colors to intensify emotion.
  • Learn how light and color work together, and how you can use them to their greatest effect.
  • Optimize color temperature and balance using professional post-processing techniques.
  • Manipulate the shoot—and your images—for maximum visual impact.
  • Overall this book was a good overview of color and how it effects our images. With 50 pages of information there is a lot of useful things here. Even though color is very scientific, he doesn’t go into the details of the science behind photography but focuses on the artistic nature that color brings to our work. It covers some of the basics of color theory and especially if you don’t have an art background this will give you a good understanding on how the eye reads an image. As visual artists we all need to be aware of how a readers eye navigate through an image and color is a huge part of that.

    The book is broken down into 3 main sections. The first mainly deals with theory of color. This is a good start to get you thinking about how color effects your images. Some of the concepts he covers are: The concept of visual weight, Color and emotional impact, The power of color order. He ends the chapter with some examples of his work explaining the shot and what the role that the colors play in the image. Although I feel there could be more written about each image, it does give you some key things to think about.

    The next section covers controlling color during the shoot. Here he walks through some of the different characteristics of color at different times of day. Although our brain can tend to make things so similar all of the time there is such a huge difference in the color of light throughout the day. He reviews 8 different types of light and talks about their characteristics. He then moves into the direction of light which is another important factor in creating visual interest to our photography work. Throughout the way there are good sample images to drive each point home.

    The last main section of the book covers controlling color in post processing. I think this section works well to end the book. It is pretty simple, there isn’t a lot of depth here but still some good basic info. He reviews some before and after images and explains what was done in the post processing to make them really shine. He also walks through a few of the tools of Lightroom and Photoshop that are used for do his post production. Again its a simple overview of tools but does give it a nice end to show how post processing also plays a role in regards to color and light in your images.

    They also have a great deal going on right now to promote the book up until Tuesday April 5th. If you get the book before April 5th these great deals all apple:

  • You will get the book 25% off (normally it’s only $19.99 so until the 5th is $14.99)
  • It comes with a bonus book “Seeing the Light”
  • You will be entered into a iPad 2 giveaway!
  • With the discount and the extra book I do recommend this to anyone. For the price I think it is definitely worth it for anyone looking to better understand the impact that color plays in our images and how to use it effectively.

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