Baby Photography Tips – Never Stop Shooting

Baby Photography Tips – Never Stop Shooting

Babies sometimes can have hundreds of different expressions every hour. Try to capture as many of them as you can. Sometimes you can get too sidetracked with trying to get that perfect “smile” shot. My suggestion is don’t worry about that shot, it will come naturally during the session and the more you try and force it the more uncomfortable the baby will get. Remember unless you are a relative, you are a stranger to the baby and they might be a little uncomfortable having you and a big camera around. I always start out a baby session slow, the first thing I do is put the camera down and spend a minute playing with the baby and talking with mom and dad. Build the trust factor with the baby first. Then whatever mood they are in start to capture that, even if a baby is crying or in a strange mood I will capture images of all of these different expressions. Sometimes a perfect shot of a baby crying might not be “the shot” the parents had in mind to put up on the wall but it will be a moment that years from now will mean so much to those parents. Those moments to a parent are simply priceless.

One thing to try and do is capture multiple expressions of the baby in one setting and put those together in a collage presented as one image. For newborns I love to get a series of 4 or sometimes 9 images cropped square of the babies different expressions. These are always huge hits with parents, they can get one large print for the wall that has 3-9 (or more) images in it and really tells a story about their baby at that point in time.

These 4 images where all taken within about a minute of each other as the baby was trying to figure out what was going on and going from smiling to wonderment to confusion. with babies never stop shooting, you will capture a wide range of emotion which are all extremely priceless to your clients.

As a side note it’s always nice to be able to offer products to your clients that are more than just a single print. When I meet with clients to show them a portrait session i’ll already have some pre-configured products ready like showing a sample framed collage of images, maybe these 4 as an example. I will show them an example framed product in the side and shape I think will work best for their images and then on screen show them exactly how their images would look like laid out with the same type of matting and framing so they can visually see what it would look like. Another thing that can work very well depending on what you are trying to sell and your clientele is to already have the best images printed and ready for them to walk out of the studio with. If you carry a small inventory of frames this isn’t too costly since you are only covering the printing and it can make a huge impact on them to see a final product when meeting with you. Even if they don’t choose what you are presenting to them it’s a good chance they might still walk away with a final piece of art when they leave the studio vs. a few small prints that some people only end up purchasing. The client meeting when showing and selling your work is essential for the financial survival of your business and i’ll get into more posts about this and pricing soon so stay tuned.

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