Apple’s Mac App Store and Photography

The big news on the tech front today was the release of the Mac store from Apple. And what what I have heard so far it looks to be a massive success for Apple and Developers. What Apple has been doing over the past years with iTunes then the App store and now the Mac App store is pretty interesting if you really think about it. They have taken something that used to be a physical product sold mainly in stores and moved it into the digital realm with a very easy to use and streamlined way to make a purchase. They pretty much changed the CD industry and are now trying to change the model of the software industry. Thinking about this today it got me to think about our industry and what we can learn from all this change.

(as a little side not also, anyone who is interested in Aperture 3 Apple has it for only $79 on the new store compared to $199 online!)

So what lessons and insights can Apple and just the overall change in Technology teach us about the photography industry and how to not only survive in this competitive industry but thrive?

  • The first thing is to always try to innovate – No matter how short or long you have been doing this innovation is key. Don’t just settle for offering your clients 8×10 prints or albums. We need to constantly think of new and exciting ways that we can share our art with our clients.
  • The delivery method is also key – The App store for the iPhone would not be the success that it was if they were selling digital software from a storefront. The convenience of being able to quickly access useful apps and fun games all from your handheld smartphone at a very inexpensive cost makes it a no brainer purchase. What can we do to deliver our images and make them sharable by our clients across multiple formats? Just like someone wants to listen to a song on their TV, iPhone, car stereo etc… they want to view their images also in multiple places. What can we offer them that will allow them to view your art in a mobile format?
  • Make it easy – Speaking from experience I fall in love with so many types of products, wall art, canvas prints, metal prints, there are so many cool ways to show your work. I always want to show them everything we offer and because of that can create way too many options for people. What will most people do when presented with too many options? Not buy anything. We need to always remember to keep it simple and make it easy for them to buy.
  • So today a quick post to get us all thinking about what we can do on the business end of photography. Although I would love to never deal with the business side of things and just focus on creating great art, the fact is if you don’t focus on succeeding on the business side of things you won’t have the income to be able to support your business and get out to shoot. Business and Marketing is something I never learned in Art School but have learned many valuable lessons (most the hard way) over the years and will keep bringing you some more marketing ideas this coming year.

    So what are some marketing ideas that you are going to try to do differently in 2011? Let us know in the comments or post on our facebook wall at:

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    Author: Mark

    Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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    1. I love APPLE, I always have but have never made to committment to be all things APPLE for the simple reason that they still have learned their lesson from the old days when they almost disappeared from the face of the earth and being a company. They don’t listen to their customers! They don’t care and do what they want regardless. Some things never change. Here are the reasons why the APP STORE is the biggest joke around (for now at least) and I recommend you check it out for yourself and do your homework before running to the site to maike purchases!
      1)You’ll Have to Re-Purchase Many of Your Apps
      2)You Won’t Be Able to Test Trial, Demo, or Beta Versions of Software-One of the restrictions on the Mac App Store is that no pieces of software will allowed to be labeled as “trial”, “demo”, or “beta” versions. This rule is annoying enough in the iOS store, but it’s worse on the Mac.
      3)It Will Be Harder to Get Support from developers-Before, you could just download an app from a developer, try it out, and get support directly from them. Now, though, with Apple as a middleman, the developer doesn’t always have as much power to fix problems that arise. They can’t release quick updates, since all updates have to be approved by Apple. They can’t fix any problems you have with downloading or purchasing an app (that’s all on Apple’s head). Having Apple in the middle of the developer/customer relationship is just going to muddle things up and make it more difficult for everyone involved.
      4)Apps Will Still Be Heavily Restricted
      5) All upgrades to your apps are not free, you will have to buy the app again when an upgrade becomes available.
      6)Many Apps Just Plain Won’t Make it To the Store -No root permissions-No programs that download other programs-No free or open software

      This is only a sampling from the research I’ve done and more importantly, the article in which I found all of this information I posted here. IF you wish to read the article, go to:

      I have made my peace! 🙂

    2. I agree with Primos’s point “They don’t listen to their customers!” However, as with any good marketing strategy, Apple has segmented the market, and identified a segment that will be loyal and willing to pay whatever for the Apple brand. Their second key segment are those that are “followers:, but not completely loyal to Apple. If they can get the highest market share of these two markets, they do not need to spend time trying to attractor satisfy the other segments.


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