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We announced a really interesting app that was coming out for the iPhone call AntiCrop a little while back. It gives you a way to do the opposite of crop and add to your image while it clones in surrounding areas to add more space. It’s a unique idea that I really liked and now available in the app store. There have been some cool apps released recently, if you missed our review on Group Shot a easy way to replace heads check it out.

AntiCrop is now available and I spent a good amount of time seeing how this app performs with many different types of images. First let me start and say what this app does not do, it can’t perform magic and create things that didn’t exist. If I take this image with my head cut off and try to expand the top of the image to add my full head in it’s going to try and clone my forehead and make me look like an alien. There is no way that a computer would be able to draw in the rest of my head without having anything as a reference point.

anticrop iphone app

So what does the app do exactly? Well it can be very useful to add space to an image if you have a pretty simple area for the app to clone Say you are shooting a few snapshots on your iPhone of your family at the beach but got in a little too tight. Later looking at the composition you realized if there was some more space around one side of the image that showed off the beach area it would add to the shot. Just drag the edge of any side out and you will see it create the new area for you very fast. I do have to say the speed of the app is pretty nice and the animation of brushing in the new area looks pretty cool.

Lets take a look at one example. The original shot on the left I wanted to make into a square crop, instead of just cropping into the image I used the app to first extend the right side. This actually worked fairly well and blended the new section in nice. Extending simple sections like sand, grass, sky, etc… work pretty well with the app.

Next I tried to extend the top of the frame but that really didn’t work out well at all. There wasn’t much area to work with to clone so you see this pattern in the tree that doesn’t look real at all. You can’t tell it what area to clone it just automatically clones the area next to the edge so you are limited with this app to images with a simple edge that you need to extend. That being said you will have those times on your iPhone when you do have this need and the app has a simple, clean design and works very quick. So just like many iPhone or iPad apps while it might not give you the power of photoshop, it’s only a buck.

There also is an undo button at the top to reverse any changes you have made and you can choose from standard aspect ratios if you would like to keep a certain ratio for your final image.

You can get the app for your iPhone here:
AntiCrop - Adva-Soft

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