Analog Camera iPhone app review

As you all know I am a huge tech geek and since my first Apple II back a long time ago have always loved Apple products. We used to post more iOS app reviews but lately there just hasn’t been much catching my eye that is really new or innovative so haven’t done a review in awhile. An app came across my email box the other day that interested me, not really because of the app itself but it was from the makers that also created the clear app. While I don’t use the clear app in day to day usage I did love the innovation they brought to the UI and gestures when it was released. It really got people to think about menus with iOS apps and was a great little app.

So with Realmac’s followup app Analog Camera being a photography app I knew I had to check it out and see what innovation they could bring to the camera app scene. So lets dive into the app and see how they did.

This app will be very familiar to many of you that have used other photography apps like Instagram and comes loaded with 8 different filters to put an artistic spin on your images. Before editing your images though you have the ability to either import an image from the camera roll or snap a new photo.

Lets start with snapping a new photo and walk through this. I do have to say that the design is very minimal and clean and after using it for awhile does have a overall nice flow to it. The main screen is very simple with no menus or buttons, you have a camera icon at the bottom center which will take a photo when tapped. At the very top of the screen you will see a small thumbnail view with some of your most recent images in the camera roll. To switch between the camera for a new photo and importing camera roll photos just swipe down from the thumbnails to see all your camera roll images. Swipe back up from the bottom to go back to camera mode. In the camera mode they have one really great feature which for me is one of my favoriate features, the ability to set the focus point and the exposure point. You just use 2 fingers to set the point of focus and the point where you want the exposure to come from.

Analog camera iphone review2

Analog camera iphone review

Once you take a photo you will see a grid of 9 thumbnails, your original image is in the center and the filters you can select around it. Just hold your finger down on the grid and move it around to see a little bit of a larger view of the effect. If you let go then it will show up full screen. To save this image just tap on the landcape image on the bottom left. You can also email the photo, open in another app, share with Facebook or Twitter by using the other buttons at the bottom of the menu.

photo 3

It’s a very straightforward app. The filters are OK, although nothing really groundbreaking here and overall its quick and easy to use.

A few things I wish they would add or change:

– Although the square format has been hip lately I would like the ability to capture an image in a full frame.
– Add more filters.
– A little more control over the editing on the image. I know the goal of this app is quick and easy editing but would like to have a few more essential features like; dodge and burn, cropping, change exposure, changing color balance. Some apps like Camera + have tons of features but also are a little tedious to use so it can be a fine balance. But just a little for editing ability on the app would be great.

Overall the app was super easy to use and for just $.99 you can give it a try here:

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