Amazing Time Lapse Video by Tom Lowe

I have showcased a few really great time lapse videos in the past as this is always been such an amazing art form in my mind. Although I focus primarily on still photography for my own work I do dabble a little in video and have been doing some Fusion videos for my clients. I ran across the work of Tom Lowe the other day not on a photography website but a tech news blog talking about piracy. He had recently released a film called “TimeScapes: The Movie” and already found it available for download on the pirate bay. Instead of calling up a lawyer and trying to sue right away he posted a note on the torrent site and basically told people that he put a lot of effort into the movie and being an independent filmmaker appreciated that they buy the movie.

If you are interested in the interview with him with his thoughts on piracy in this digital age it’s a great read and can be found here: Tom Lowe Piracy Interview.

The work that I have seen from the previews is absolutely stunning. You can get the movie at his website directly at: and it’s available in many different sizes from normal 1080P HD to 2560×1440 (perfect for a 30″ display) and a brand new format called 4K. Your TV won’t be able to play 4K yet but there are projectors that can and it sounds like this technology will be coming to TV’s in the near future. Based on the previews it would be great to see this is a super high resolution.

4K footage is 4,096 pixels wide which means it’s 4 times the resolution as 1080p. 4K has aproximately 2700% more pixels than standard television, and 450% more than HDTV.

Check out this preview too see the beauty of the Earth around us. I will definitely be supporting him and picking up a copy to leave playing on a loop just for some visual candy on the TV, beautiful and inspiring work!

TimeScapes: Rapture 4K from Tom Lowe on Vimeo.

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