A Collection of Some Amazing Bokeh Photos

The term bokeh comes from the Japanese term boke which means blur. It’s a characteristic of many good portrait photos where you have a nice sharp subject and then a beautiful soft background. Generally images that have good bokeh are taken with lenses that have a very large aperture like a 85mm 1.2 lens. When you open up the lens to 1.2 there is a very small depth of field and the lens produces a beautiful soft background. Bokeh can be used in many types of photography like macro photography, portraits or any other image where you want to really isolate the subject and make it stand out from the rest of the image.

I love to use bokeh in my own wedding and portrait work and wanted to get together some really cool and different examples for a little inspiration today. Check these images out, if you have some great bokeh images that you have taken leave me a note in the comments below:

Little stars

Jan 3rd - Can you imagine...

Tue, Aug 3rd - Poo... Poo... Er...

Stars from a cup...

Day 45/365 : All the world in a little droplet

Day 28/365 : The unspoken words are little treasures and they lie too close to wherever your secret heart is buried...

Talli & Adam | Those Eyes!

Day Two Hundred Forty Two

Quotes - 33 / 60

custom bokeh - i love christmas

If you have some great Bokeh images leave a link at the bottom of the page. I’ll update these and include some good images from everyone in a few days!

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