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Always on the hunt for cool new iPad apps I ran across Air Display the other day when looking for a way to extend my monitor. No matter how big your monitor is it seems like it is never big enough for certain apps and Photoshop is always one of those. With all of the various pallets you have open in Photoshop those take up much needed screen space and when working with things such as a album design you tend to run out of screen space pretty easy. With a new app that I found the other day in the iTunes store you can get a little extra room for those pallets or anything else you want to extend off the screen. Air Display is an app which basically lets your iPad run as a wireless 2nd display. It works great and is quick and simple to setup.

First you do have to download an app from the App maker to your desktop so it can communicate with the iPad app. Just go to to download the app. You will have to restart your computer after the download. Once you install the application you will see a little icon on the top of your screen where you will be able to access a few settings.

air display iPad app

All you have to do is first click “Turn Air Display On” and then click on the name of your iPad which should appear on the list as long as its connected to your wifi. That’s it! A few quick steps and now your iPad acts as a second monitor. You can start to drag a few windows over to it and it will behave just like a 2nd screen would with the extra benefit of you can use touch on your iPad to navigate that screen.


I have been using this on my main Mac Pro running Lion and everything has been totally smooth. Also tried it out on my 15″ Mac Book Pro with Snow Leopard and no issues to report with that as well. The developer is aware of an issue with Lion running on certain computers though. The following is information from them: the built-in video driver on certain 2008 and 2009 Macs is incompatible with third-party video drivers. You can still install the Air Display host software, but until Apple fixes the issue, the Air Display drivers will disable themselves on Lion on these specific machines.

Affected machines include:
13″ MacBook (aluminum late 2008, early, mid, and late 2009)
13″ MacBook Air (late 2008, mid 2009)
13″ MacBook Pro (mid 2009)
15″ MacBook Pro (late 2008, 2.53 GHz mid 2009, mid 2009)
17″ MacBook Pro (early and mid 2009).
20″ iMac (early or mid 2009)
24″ iMac (early 2009)
21.5″ iMac (late 2009)
Mac mini (early or late 2009, Server late 2009)
Mac mini Mac OS X Server (late 2009)

Here is a screenshot of the air display with a few photoshop pallets on it! You can get AirDisplay for $9.99 in the App store here: Air Display iPad app

air display ipad and photoshop

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  1. Hi. Dave from Avatron here.

    Since this was posted, we updated our Air Display drivers to support all of those Mac models except for two particular 2008 and 2009 MacBook Pro models. For more information please visit



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