Adobe Photoshop Touch Apps Announced for iPad

When the first iPad was released one thing that I knew was going to be part of the power of this device was in the apps. While I believed the experience of using a computing device without the extra hardware of a keyboard and interactive with the device with your hands is truly a amazing experience where there is endless possibilities is going to be in the software. As major players start to enter the app market the quality of what is being produced is better and better. Today Adobe is jumping in and has announced 3 new apps for the iPad that are going to interact with Adobe Photoshop 5. While these apps aren’t a full version of touch photoshop (yet) this is just the beginning. What they are releasing is 3 new apps that will interact with Photoshop on your main computer and offer some pretty cool looking ways of using your iPad with Photoshop. They will also be releasing a free update for Photoshop, version 5.5 to go along with these new apps. What this new version of Photoshop will do is bring the ability for developers to connect with Photoshop on your desktop from any mobile device. This along has huge potential and I am excited to see what it will bring. Here is a breakdown of these 3 new apps, once I can get my hands on them I will let you all know and provide some in-depth reviews.

Adobe Nav for iPad
With the Adobe Nav app, Adobe is showing off the communication from the iPad to the desktop. With this app you can create a custom menu of up to 16 tools as well as a color picker and zoom. Now you can easily tap from tool to tool on your iPad to wirelessly control your desktop version of Photoshop.

adobe nav ipad app

Adobe Color Lava for iPad
The color lava app for iPad will let you mix colors on the iPad. With this you can create custom color swatches and transfer those back into Photoshop. Its a really cool way to think about creating a custom color, by mixing colors with your fingers like you would actual paint gives you endless limits on the colors you can create and can be a really rich experience.

Adobe Color Lava iPad app

Adobe Eazel for iPad
The Adobe Eazel iPad app will give artists the ability to paint on the iPad. With this app you can create digital paintings with your fingertips. Since all of these apps communicate with Photoshop5.5 you will be able to export your paintings directly to Photoshop for further editing. The interface of this app is pretty cool looking, you can put all 5 fingers on the iPad to bring up a menu of items and from here change things like brush size and opacity. You can also mix wet and dry paint for color blending, which will give digital artists so much control over their work.

adobe eazel ipad app

We will continue to bring you more iPad app reviews for photography app and will definitely be watching what Adobe is doing here. If you want to receive our updates via email and make sure not to miss any posts sign up for our updates at the top right of the page.

Here are a few videos to get you all excited. This is just the begging of what I am sure is going to be an exciting time for the software industry in the Photography field.

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