Adding a border to Lightroom 4

Yesterday I talked about Creating an Instagram Style Sloppy Border in Photoshop CS6 and today I want to walk through how to take this border and apply it to your images in Lightroom.

First select the image you would like to apply a border to and then head on over to the print module. On the right hand side of the print module we need to modify a few settings and will first choose the Single Image/Contact Sheet as the layout style. Next uncheck the Zoom to fill and Rotate to Fit boxes if they are already checked.

Next we want to remove any margins from the image, since we aren’t going to be printing this image on a printer but instead saving it as a JPG. Under the layout section on the right change all margins to 0.

Then head on down to the very bottom of the right side to the Print Job section and change the Print to: JPEG File. Also here click the custom file dimensions and enter in 6″x4″ since that is the dimensions we created the border as.

creating a border in lightroom 4

Next you will want to setup the border. To do this we are going to use the identity plate section and add the image we created in Photoshop here. Under the Page section on the right click on Identity Plate and then the small arrow on the bottom right of the box showing your current plate. From this pop up menu choose Edit.

border in lightroom 4

On the screen that pops up click on the Use a graphical identity plate and then browse for the file you created in Photoshop.

create a border in lightroom 4

This will pop the border into the center of the photo and the last step is just setting the scale to be 100%. That’s it, a pretty quick way to add any type of custom border to your image in Lightroom. To save the image click on the Print to File button at the bottom to save this as a JPG file.

custom border in lightroom 4

Do you have any questions on using Lightroom? Ask a question at the bottom of the page and lets start a conversation.

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  1. I have the opposite problem. I’m a new Lightroom 4 user and when I go to print, there is a white border around every pic. I hate the border and want it to go away. Help!


  2. Are you printing to a printer and it has a border around it? That sounds like it is just either the printer that doesn’t support full frame printing or a setting on the print screen? let me know more info and i’ll be happy to help out 🙂

  3. Mark, I am saving to a .JPG file. I’m sure this is a silly little thing I just don’t know how to do, but it’s showing on my screen with a white border, and when I save to .JPG, it’s saved with a white border. Yuck!

    Thanks so much for your help.


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