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I recently came across a plugin called Social Metrics Tracker that analyzes your websites articles and shows what the most popular articles on the site were for social sharing. It was really interesting to see a top list of articles based on the amount of social sharing they had. I wanted to share the top 10 with everyone in case there are an articles that you missed.

I’ll do these Letterman style and have them as a top 10 in reverse order, drumroll please…

10) Great examples of hollywood lighting – This article had 439 shares mainly on Pintrest and Twitter.

9) HDR Photos to inspire – High Dynamic Range photography – This was shared 477 times and is a great collection of some really cool HDR images to check out.

I've reached the end of the world

8) Why You Should Charge $60 for an 8×10 – This was an article that sparked some good debates on social media and was shared 506 times. If you are trying to figure out your pricing this is a great article to get your mind thinking about how you need to price your work right to factor in all of the costs of running a business.

7) Some tips for sunrise and sunset photos – This was a really popular article on Stumbleupon and had 532 shares.

6) Black and White Lightroom Presets – Our very first free Lightroom preset pack and continues to be shared on Facebook and Twitter all of the time with 698 total shares on social media.

5) Free HDR Lightroom Presets – Another free set of Lightroom presets this article has been shared 942 times!

4) 10 quick lightroom tips – There are so many tiny things you can do with Lightroom from shortcuts to other little tips that I wanted to share with this list. It really amazed me that 728 of you shared it on Facebook. The total shares for this article was 1413!


3) Hack the Lightroom 5 splash screen – This was a recent article that has already been shared 1461 times, mainly on Facebook.

2) Free Vintage Lightroom Presets – With 1539 shares this is our most popular free set of Lightroom presets. It makes me super happy to know that you all find a lot of value in these presets and are sharing them with your friends!

1) Free Photoshop Actions – Our #1 spot was this list of Free Photoshop actions and was shared 9272 times, mainly on Pintrest!

It was really cool to see how much social sharing activity was happening with our articles and I really do appreciate everyone’s continued support for this site by spreading the word.

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Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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