6×6 Photography iPhone App Review

6×6 Photography iPhone App Review

This article was originally going to be a normal review of a photography app that I came across the other day. The name intrigued me (6×6) since I used to love shooting with medium format film and have always loved square images. I have been on a roll lately finding some really useful and cool photo apps and unfortunately I think my win streak ends here. The app isn’t terrible but compared to other apps I use for taking photos doesn’t have as many features as I would like and will rarely get used.

6x6iphone appThe 6×6 app gives you a retro look to be able to capture a square image. There isn’t a ton of effects like some camera apps have (which really can be a good thing, some people throw random filters in that really don’t get used and are unneeded in my opinion). With the 6×6 app you can choose to have the images captured in color or black and white. Once you take an image it sends directly to the camera roll. There is no ability to connect with Facebook or Twitter just a simple click and shoot to save it to your camera roll.

The app does have some nice touches that add to the retro style of the app. Aside from being a square crop it does include some sounds of real shutter clicking to get you feeling nostalgic but that one setting that I did really like the best is the 6×6-Flex (TLR) mode. This will give you the same look that you used to have with a classic twin lens reflex camera where you would view everything mirrored. So when this is turned on and you see a backwards mirror view. This will throw anyone way off if you never used a twin lens reflex camera but if you have it will bring back a little feeling of nostalgia for at least a few minutes. Other than that feeling of nostalgia I don’t think this app will get much use for me. Overall I would give it a 2 out of 5 stars. You can get the app in iTunes for just $.99 here:

6x6 - Michael Hardaker

Since the review is so short I figured I would roll in the next app I was going to review “Hipster for iPhone”. This was another app that from the name and description looked cool, here is part of their description:

Using Hipster you are able to create and send beautiful photographic postcards. Your postcards will be composed of a photo, text, location, and more, which will provide a window into what you are currently experiencing.

First of all let me say that the app does have a very beautiful design. It’s great to see so many new apps that really have amazing design. Everything is very polished with the app which does make you want to spend a little more time using it. Overall the concept is very easy. You either take a photo or grab one from the camera roll and then can choose from one of many themes. The themes all have different filters applied to the image along with a border and area to enter in text. You choose the theme, edit the location if needed and then type in the text to appear on the postcard.


After you click the OK button you can then share the postcard on either Facebook, Twitter, Tubmlr, Foursquare or Flickr. Also from the main screen they give you many ways to discover other peoples photos. Just like Instagram offers you can like peoples photos and comment on them. You can sort through your Hipster friends (go to the More tab to add friends), look for postcards that were taken nearby your current location or see a global view of all postcards created ranked by either popular or newest.


In the end for me it’s like instagram with annotations. I already use instagram to share with my friends on twitter and Facebook and like the filters better so won’t be replacing it with this app. What I do think would make it very useful since the main difference with the app compared to others is turning the image into a Postcard would be to be able to email these out to groups. I could see a good use to be out on vacation and grab a quick photo with your iPhone, add a border a little text and then on the back some more descriptive text. Then blast that email off to a group of friends.

Because of the design I would give it a 3.5 out of 5, but in reality I probably won’t use the app much at all. It looks good, works well but in a highly saturated market of photo apps doesn’t do enough different to really get me using it. Do you have these apps? Love them or hate them let me know in the comments at the bottom of the page.
You can pick this one up in iTunes for free here:

Hipster - Hipster

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