5 ways to get new photography business now

No matter what type of photography you do driving more business to your studio is always important. One question I get from new photographers a lot here is how can they start getting new business. Marketing ourselves can always be tricky and something that took me years to get the hang of. When I first got out of school and started up my photo studio I thought that all I had to do was focus on creating awesome art and people would come rushing through my doors. I worked hard on getting a great portfolio together and then waited and waited for everyone to just throw business at me. Since things were going much slower for me than what I wanted I had to get some good marketing ideas going quick and immersed myself in marketing for the next few years (and really ever since).

Today I want to share 5 ways that you can start to get new photography business now. I hope these ideas inspire some of you and help to get some good traction for your business. As always I love to chat about photography so if you have a question just leave a Facebook comment at the bottom of the post. Also these tips apply to wedding and portraits which are my specialty but really can apply towards other types of photography as well.

5 ways to get new photography business now

1) The first tip is really a pre tip. Before getting out and starting to get some new business coming in you need to make sure that your website and portfolio are totally up to date and showcase only your best work. Even if you don’t have a ton of work it’s all about showing your best, focus on the quality and make sure that every piece in your portfolio is outstanding. You want to make sure that once someone is interested in your work and goes to see your site for more information that you wow them.

2) Facebook. Leverage the power of social. It’s a good chance that someone in your social network needs photography. But does everyone that you are connected with know what you do and is really familiar with your work? Start posting on your Facebook page more information about your photography style and sample portfolio pictures. When you are posting photos and updates on Facebook remember to include quick marketing messages to remind people that you are open for more work. When posting a family portrait photo include a quick text like this “Here are some great images from XYZ family session, if you love these we still have some openings for sessions this year! let me know if anyone wants to book a session”. Be persistent and always in front of everyone you know.

If you have a friend who is active and has a lot of Facebook friends offer to do a free portrait session with them. Process the images as quick as possible and post the best shots on Facebook tagging them in the photos. This can get great traction and get some referrals from their friends.

If you don’t have a business page setup for your photography yet, check out this past article on Facebook marketing for photographers.

3) Contact all of your family members and good friends. It’s amazing how many people don’t start with their most trusted family members and friends to get the word out. Many people might know that you like photography and might even know that you are trying to start a business but need to know what your business is all about. I had to educate my family on what type of photography I really did and what made it unique. I educated them on talking points and shared my passion with them. You don’t want to have a situation come up where someone is looking for a photographer and say for example is talking with your sister. Her friend is telling her that she wants someone to take some portraits and her reply is “Oh yea my brother takes pictures”. That normally won’t result in anything, however if her reply was something like “Did you know my brother is a professional photographer, he specializes in family portraits that really capture the essence and personality of your family and does some amazing work. Here is some of his information…”. We have to educate our family and arm them with information to be great sellers for us.

Word of mouth business is key but does not just happen, we have to make it happen.

4) Reach out to all of your past clients. Even if you are just starting out and only have a few clients its still a good habit to get into. Give each one of your past clients a call to touch base and see how they are. Get to know your clients and ask them personal questions (as you write notes in your database so you always know who they are for future reference). Ask them if they have any need for photography right now or have friends that do. A quick call to every one of your clients can be a goldmine that opens up many doors.

5) Pop by a few new local venues every week. Getting connected with wedding venues can be a huge plus to your business. Do a pop by at new places you haven’t worked at before and get to know the coordinators out there. Ask them what you can do for them and take a look at some of their marketing material. How good are the images? If they aren’t the best offer to do a shoot for them and provide them with all of the images, no cost at all to them. Venues need a lot of help with their image sometimes and we can provide great value to them in that area. I do lots of free work for venues getting them amazing images for their website and other use. That time always provides a huge return to me with the business they send me. Make it a point to get to know every venue in your area over time by just starting with a few a week.

Just a few ways that you can get out there and start to get new business! Let’s chat in the comments, always feel free to leave a Facebook comment below with questions and i’ll get right back to you.

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Author: Mark

Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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  1. We’ve had so many clients talking about the Facebook route, specifically the ability to tag and then have their friends in a similar age/interest group see that tag and the photography company name. Good post, thanks for sharing…


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