5 Quick Tips and Tricks on Photoshop Lightroom

Lightroom just like many photography apps is one of those programs that can do so much, but without knowing some of the little tips and tricks you might be barely scratching the surface. Today I want to cover 5 simple Lightroom tips that will help you on your way to becoming a Lightroom power user.

5 Quick Tips for Adobe Lightroom for Photographers

Lightroom Tip #1 – Changing the Crop Overlay
Did you know you can change the normal ‘Rule of Thirds’ overlay in the crop tool to many other overlays? It’s just one click to easily cycle through the different overlays. From the crop tool (hit R on your keyboard to enter the crop tool) click the O ( as in Oscar ) key and it will cycle through the 6 different crop overlays. You can choose from Rule of Thirds, Golden Ratio, Diagonal lines, Triangles, Golden Mean or Phi and a grid pattern.

5 lightroom tips

Lightroom Tip #2 – Using Solo Mode
When you have all of the menus in the develop module expanded you will find yourself doing a lot of scrolling up and down. This can be a time waste and also annoying. After moving back and forth from the basic panel to the vignettes and on and on your wrist can get tired and I am always looking to minimize scrolling. This is where solo mode comes in. Just control click anywhere on the right pane of the develop module and a menu will appear. When you select solo mode this will only allow for one panel at a time to be open. When you click on a new panel to open the other will close right away so it keeps your right side nice and easy to navigate.

5 lightroom tips solo mode

Lightroom Tip #3 – Keyboard shortcuts for libary views
Shortcuts are so key in becoming quicker at using Lightroom. Here are a few quick keyboard shortcuts to help you move around faster.
G will take you right to Grid View, E to go to Loupe View, C to Compare, N to survey and D to develop or edit the photo.

Also when using Survey mode this can be a great way to view and compare multiple images at once. If you have 4 images selected to view in survey mode and want to add more images to the view just click the Shift key and the arrow key to the right to add the next image to this grid view.
As you tab through these images using the arrow keys and come to the last image you can move to the next photo in the timeline by clicking the Option and arrow key (mac)

Lightroom Tip #4 – Create Export Presets
Many times you will want to export your images for different formats. I will export images sized perfectly for my slideshows or for my blog posting and have specific settings in the file export box to optimize those images. When you get a your settings all dialed in on the export panel remember to click the Add button near the bottom left. This will save these settings as a preset for future use. You never have to remember exactly what size and sharpening settings you need for your blog images, just save your preset once and you are all good.

Lightroom tips on export presets

Lightroom Tip #5 – Turn off Auto Show for panels
Some people love to have the panels automatically hide to save space and others like to always see them. I prefer to always see my panels and don’t like it when they are popping back and forth when I mouse over the panel. If you don’t like this behavior you can turn off the auto show method for the panels. To do this just Control click on the little grey arrow at the edge of the panel. This will bring up a menu where you can select to have the panels auto hide or be manually hidden by clicking the grey arrow.

5 lightroom tips auto hide panel

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