5 quick Lightroom tips

Today I want to share a few more little quick tips for Lightroom to help you save a little bit of time. Here are 5 more little Lightroom tips that you might not know about.

1) Make the radial filter fill the frame

If you want to make the radial filter go to the edge of the frame for all 4 sides just click the Command key (Mac, PC Control) and double-click inside an existing elliptical mask.

lightroom radial filter

2) Quickly change to Black & White

If you want to see a very quick view of what your image might look like in Black & White just hit the V key and you can toggle back and forth from Black & White to color.

3) Dim the tools panels

Many of you might be aware already that you can remove the tool panels on the sides by clicking the Tab key. You can also dim these tool panels (including the top and bottom) by clicking the L key. Click L once and the panels will be dimmed, a second click will make them go totally black and a third click brings them back!

dim lightroom panels

4) Use your keyboard

Instead of using your mouse to adjust sliders you can also click on the slider and then adjust it by using the forward and back arrow buttons. This won’t increase by 1 so you can make the change go up/down in larger values faster by pressing shift at the same time (going up) or the alt button (to do down).

5) Clean up your panels with solo mode

The panels you have on the right side of Lightroom can be very long and a bit of a pain to scroll through when looking for something at the bottom. You can have Lightroom be in a Solo mode where only the panel you are working on shows and the rest are collapsed. To turn this on just Ctrl-click (for PC Right-clicking) on the title of any panel and choose Solo Mode.

Hope these quick 5 Lightroom tips are a help! Remember to leave a comment or check us our on Facebook to start a conversation. If you are looking for some great Lightroom presets check out our list of Free Lightroom presets as well as our Lightroom Preset Store.

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