5 Important Tips on Shooting Landscapes from Successful Photographers

Today’s post is a guest post from Danielle Santiago. Check out her info at the bottom of the article.

There are many types of photography. Essentially, the type is according to the best interest of the photography. There are those who concentrate on nature and wildlife. As such, these are the people who are fond of shooting landscapes. However, not everyone becomes successful at their attempts. In this article, we will tackle five important tips on how to be a good landscape photographer.

5 Important Tips on Shooting Landscapes from Successful Photographers

1. Wait for the Right Time

Most newbie photographers ask the pros for the best settings to shoot landscapes. While there is no such thing as “best,” as every background requires the perfect setting that would suit it at a given time, the ideal setting in manual mode is ISO 100, aperture f/11 to maximize the depth of field without compromising image quality and slow shutter speed. Before shooting, remember to keep the focus and click on the shutter right when you find the best light.

2. Use Filters

The filter is not only used to protect your main lens. It is also used to provide effects on your photography, especially for advertising photography. For example, if you want to capture the bright and colorful sky in a rainbow effect, you can do so using red, pink and orange filters installed on the lens. Depending on your focal point, you can totally put everything else into silhouette and just get the skyline. A circular polarizer or a graduated neutral density filter also does more interesting tricks. The filter also enhances the full-range recording of highlights and shadows in one image.

3. Take More Than One Shot

No matter how pro you are as a photographer, you can never be satisfied with just taking one shot. After using the camera, view the pictures in your computer and see those underexposed, overexposed or neutral. Decide which ones you can keep and edit and trash the rest. What you can do is to manipulate the photos using editing software and blend together photos that look best.

Also, take multiple shots at different times: minutes before sunrise, the actual sunrise, sunset, minutes before sunset, just after sunset, rainy season, cloudy weather, windy day, etc. You will be surprised how each photo can have different drama from one another. Note, though, that the best shooting time is either dawn or dusk. These times are when light is best and landscapes come alive. Taking different angles is also suggested. Try turning away from the sun and capturing the low light as it sculpts the landscape.

4. Face the East

Strange but true, photographers say that the greatest colors you can capture by sunset can be found in the east. Whenever you check into your location, find out where the north, east, south and west are. The direction and your position matter a lot when taking landscapes. This is to set your relationship with nature via the spin of the earth. Don’t pack up too early so that you can recompose your subject further.

5. Consider the Horizon for the Rule of Thirds

First, be calm or use a tripod instead holding the camera with your bare hands. If you are not calm, the tendency is to move the camera and you won’t get a clear shot. Then check the horizon and make sure that it is straight before taking a shot. If it’s not, you can always edit post production but you can save time and effort when you get it right for the first time. Aim as well for the compositionally natural spot. This should be located on one of the thirds lines in an image (top or bottom but never middle).

ethereal pier


Landscape photography is becoming one of the most popular niches of photographers today. Nature is always a good scene to look at, and everyone can have access to it anytime. With just the use of your tools and your skills combined with art, you can have your own masterpieces in a few taps.

Author Bio:
Danielle Santiago is a freelance photographer with a marketing diploma. On her spare time, she enjoys reading the Russian Classics and Fitzgerald’s flapper girls. 3 Personality Tests testify that she is a sanguine spirit. This has enormously helped girls to be in total ease and comfort as they journey to find their inner and outer beauty with Danielle as their boudoir photographer. A little old fashioned, Danielle is a strong advocate of killing television and other virtual distractions – nothing beats a walk in the park! Follow her on Twitter and Google+.

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