5 Great ways to Automate Lightroom

As digital photographers we spend way too much time in front of the computer and not enough outside enjoying the beauty around us. Part of what can help you get as much creative time as possible is making sure to automate as many things in Lightroom and Photoshop as possible. There are so many little tips that really help us save a few minutes here and there in Lightroom which add up to a ton of savings and more time outside enjoying the sun!

Turn on Auto Sync. When you are in the develop module there is a great button at the very bottom right called Sync. If you flip that little switch on the left of the button up this will change to Auto Sync. Now if you are applying a preset to a photo, making any adjustments to exposure, whatever you are doing to a photo and have other photos selected in the Develop module it will make the changes to all of the photos at once.

Optimize your Library view options. If you click on Command J or go to the View –> View Options menu you will have many options you can turn on or off with the Library grid view. At the top turn on the Expanded view to see more information in this view. This really helps to let you get the most out of this space.

What this will do is give you some additional info you can show in the cells in the header and footer. I like to change the default which only shows basic info like the file name and sequence number. Those really don’t provide any benefit to me, what I want to see is more info on what camera the image was taken with, lens, exposure etc… So at the bottom of this view options panel adjust the header and footer labels to match what you would like to see.

Now you have all kinds of useful info right from the Library view.

Save your import settings as a preset. When you are importing your images to Lightroom there are many choices to make, are you going to add, copy or move the files? How do you render previews? Do you preset keywords, etc… Depending on what type of shoot you might have different ways to import your images. Creating presets can be a time saver, once you have all of your import settings done just click on the drop down at the very bottom center of lightroom where it says “Import Preset” and choose to save the current settings as a new preset. Also check out more info on importing images to lightroom here

Know your shortcuts! Keyboard shortcuts can save you a crazy amount of time in Lightroom and Photoshop. Check out our post from awhile back covering Lightroom Keyboard shortcuts.

Use Lightroom Brush Presets. When doing retouching it’s a great time saver to have presets ready for your Lightroom brushes. Presets for softening skin, darkening or lightening an image can be very helpful and we have a few free brush presets you can download here:
Free Lightroom Brush Presets and download this soften skin brush preset here:
Skin_Soften. To see how to import these just check out our guide: Installing Lightroom Presets

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