20 Creative Photography Tumblr Blogs you should follow

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 20 Creative Photography Tumblr Blogs You Should Follow

Tumblr is a great service with minimalistic design, allowing you to create a blog in no time using various paid and free themes. You could browse Tumblr for hours as there are so many interesting photographs, videos, mems and animations. On Tumblr you can share your photos or re-blog posts from other bloggers to share your creative vision. Due to Wikipedia Tumblr posts over 209 million blogs, so finding blogs worth following may be a challenge. On the other hand, there’s always something to discover on Tumblr, especially when it comes to photography.

Today I’d like to share with you 20 creative photography Tumblr blogs of some top-tier professionals, amateurs, and photography enthusiasts that share truly unique, fantastic images for your inspiration. The collection below is not limited to any specific genre: here you’ll find landscape, fashion, architecture, portraiture, travelling, food photography, and many more blogs to fit your taste.

1. Face It


Face It is Andrew Catellier’s Tumblr blog that features mostly his own photography. Andrew is a photographer based in Boulder, Colorado.


2. Sabino



This is an inspirational blog that features amateur photography from all over the web.


3. Reportage by Getty Images



Reportage by Getty Images is an amazing blog which provides inspiring photo-journalism from archives along with the stories behind them. Here you’ll see iconic photography from both award-winning photographers and emerging talents. It lets you look at the world in another way.


4. Defrozo



Defrozo is a young photography startup that helps photographers of all levels to display and market their work online. On their Tumblr blog, the Defrozo team shares images of their members, as well as some inspirational pieces of photography art. What’s great about this blog is that you don’t have to be a celebrity or know “the right” people to get featured. Defrozo’s motto is “Let’s grow together” which makes it especially attractive for aspiring photographers.


5. Mull It Over



This blog features a series of web-based interviews with contemporary innovative photographers. You may be a part of this project too, if you want.


6. Snapwire Snaps



Snapwire is a website specializing in mobile stock photography. It is Snapwire’s Tumblr blog that provides 7 free snaps every 7 days for personal and commercial use, absolutely free.


7. Olav Stubberud



Olav Stubberud is a professional fashion photographer from Norway. He focuses on portraits and active sport photography.


8. Photodoto



Photodoto is an educational photography blog oriented around newbies. It provides tips and tricks on photography and photography business practices. Here you’ll find the latest news from Photodoto.  


9. Nick Gerber


Nick Gerber is a landscape, portrait, and event photographer from New York. Nick developed his unique style while travelling round the globe. Almost all the images here are his own.


10. Free Refe Mobile Photos



This is another Tumblr blog with free stock photos that gives you an opportunity to download and use any image you like there.


11. If You Leave



“If You Leave” is a collection of contemporary photographs and snapshots of journeys travelled by wanderers who study the mysterious, yet peaceful feeling of desolation and loneliness.


12. T Magazine



T Magazine is the New York Times’ style and culture magazine that covers glam high-quality photos of models and celebrities.


13. James Chororos



James Chororos is a photographer from New York, who studies architecture, painting, graphic design, and engineering. His Tumblr blog is a parade of fantastic images.


14. Just Hold Me



Just Hold Me is a nice girly blog, created by a 19-year old girl from Brazil. It contains lots of lovely pastel colors, photos of streets, food, cats, and other everyday stuff that inspires.


15. Cody Cobb



Cody Cobb is a photographer from Seattle, Washington. On his blog Cody features stunning landscape photos.


16. Always, Paige



When you’re bored, come to this lovely life-asserting Tumblr blog to get inspired! The images collected here reflect everything we love in life: love, travelling, cozy interiors, and tasty food.


16. Always, Paige


When you’re bored, come to this lovely life-asserting Tumblr blog to get inspired! The images collected here reflect everything we love in life: love, travelling, cozy interiors, and tasty food.


18. It’s Complicated



This Tumblr blog is run by Leslie Seuffert. She works in Social Media for nutritionists in the NYC area. Here you’ll find everything: from fantastic double exposures to city-scape photography.





Here you’ll see inspiring images from the National Geographic archive.


20. Minus Manhattan


Minus Manhattan is a Tumblr blog run by Case Turner. Case uses this space to share links and stories on photography, politics, art, design, technology, advertising, culture, music and more.


Last Word


Let me know in the comments if I missed out on a few really cool Tumblr blogs on photography. Do you use Tumblr? Which blog do you like the best and why? Also, feel free to share a link to your own blog. Don’t miss a chance to become famous 😉



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