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Time can fly by way too fast sometimes. I really can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I started this site. As something I first envisioned to be a way for me to connect with people that took my wedding photography workshops. I thought it would be a fun way to keep sharing things with them and also help me to stop repeating some of the same emails to people I would get with photography questions. It was October and wedding season was winding down so I figured a fun little creative project to take on. I figured it would be a small but fun side project and maybe post a photo tip once a week. It would also be another good creative outlet for me to write down some of my photography thoughts and tips to help others out. A few people a day visited the site at the start and left some comments on how much some of the articles were helping them out. That really encouraged me to write more but I still thought that only a handful of people would read (or even care) about what I had to say. Fast forward 2 years and I can’t believe how different things are from what I had envisioned.

We now have thousands of people that visit a day and a lot of great discussions going on in social media where there are over 30,000 followers total. It’s crazy how fast things changed one day and still continues to amaze me. As things have been growing I have been dedicating more and more time to the site and we now have over 500 articles that cover a wide range of topics from shooting tips, post production tips, lighting, marketing and product reviews. I really thank you all for your support along the way, every time you retweet a post or share one of our articles with a friend it helps to spread the word and I appreciate it! In the end the goal is still to have a thriving community of artists where we can all learn how to grow our art form together and help to encourage one another.

Looking forward I have some really cool things I am working on that I think you will all love. Lots more lighting tips, wedding and portrait tips, Post production tutorials coming soon as well as some really cool interactive iPad photography apps and a few lighting books. I am spending more and more time on this site than ever before and hope to continue to provide lots of great content to inspire you all in your photography journey!

Lets all connect and move our art forward!

— Mark

I also love to hear your suggestions for new articles, this site is all for you so if you ever have photography questions just leave a comment below or get ahold of me on our Facebook wall, Twitter or Google +.

In looking back over the past 2 years I revisited the site for a little while and wanted to share some links that you might have missed.

Our very first post was a quick article on how to Balance sunset and flash photography

As more questions came in on Lighting (which is still the #1 question I get so lots more coming) I started to create more lighting articles. Here are some of the tops:

Off camera lighting for weddings

An intro to off camera lighting

Using Fill Flash to Improve your Photos

I also had wanted to share some film like Lightroom presets that I had created to replicate certain black and white films. So I released a free little set of these. I didn’t think many people would download them but was amazed when over 100 people did on the first day! These have been shared over 400 times on Facebook and Twitter, you can check them out here: Black and White Film Lightroom Presets.

This encouraged me to create some more groups of Lightroom presets, you can see a list of all our free Lightroom presets here:
Free Lightroom Presets for Photographers

I have also released a lot of Post production articles and tutorials. Here are just a few of my favorites, feel free to do a search on our site at the top right or browse the Post Production category to find some useful tips.

10 quick lightroom tips and shortcutsShared over 700 times on Facebook!

Using brushes in Lightroom – Brushes are a powerful part of Lightroom to edit specific areas.

Using Lightroom Brushes to Soften Skin – A quick way to soften skin for portrait retouching.

Create a vintage polaroid look in Photoshop

Using lightroom graduated filter to create tilt shift look
– If you don’t have an expensive Tilt shift lens you can still get that cool look with Lightroom.

And the final few links have some great discussions in the comment threads:

Are you a Pro Photographer?

Pricing your photography
Why You Should Charge $60 for an 8×10

If you like our articles remember to share them on Facebook, Twitter or +1 them on Google. Sharing our articles keep our site growing and lets me write more and more articles for everyone!

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Author: Mark

Mark is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer from Northern California. He has been passionate about photography since childhood and started his studio 12 years ago to bring a fresh style of photography to the wedding and portrait world.

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