10 iPhone accessories that can help you with your iPhotography

10 iPhone accessories that can help you with your iPhotography

If you are an iPhone user, you are lucky to have a camera too. This smartphone species gives you the opportunity of capturing real-life snaps by virtue of its high resolution in-built camera. So, this iPhone comes as bonus for the photographers, who will now be able to encourage their photographic spree together with letting him remain connected with the rest of the world. But the exciting news together with this is that there is plethora of accessories that makes photography with iPhone a pleasure.

1. Tripod Holder
This Tripod stand is the perfect companion of your iPhone for a great photographic experience. It comprises of a PVC case that is shaped wisely in order to accommodate your iPhone. The extension of the same is such that it ends up in a three-legged stand made from sturdy steel, just like a professional Tripod Stand. This metallic stand gives your mobile camera the alignment required for an outdoor shoot. Further, the brass threads provided with it lets your pricey handset stay secured while at work.

2. Owle Bubo accessory
This iPhone accessory is one of the most advanced one among the category of smartphone accessories. It is notably a hi-fi camera attachment of your iPhone, but also does a great job in converting the same into a more productive one, if judged from the photographic point of view. It is basically an all inclusive camera attachment for your handset. It adds enhancements, such as external microphone, full size lens, collapsible Tripod mount and an integrated cold-shoe extension in order to add your personalized light for shoot. The ergonomics of this accessory is also noteworthy as it gives the right bulk to your handset, so that it renders a more real camera like situation.

Buy the Bubo for iPhone 4

owle_bubo iphone accessory

3. Flip-Cage holder with iPhone 4 and 3GS Mount

This iPhone accessory is best suited to be your table top or desktop companion. It comes in the form of a small flip-cage mount that can be disintegrated and arched on the desk. It has been made as a dedicated companion of iPhone 3GS and 4. So, with this petite iPhone stand your experiences of close shot snaps, movie watching and making Facetime calls will get new dimension.

Gary Fong Flip-Cage with Tripod Adapter for iPhone 4/4S Mount


4. Factron Quattro Case for real camera experience
This high-end accessory will spice up the aesthetic property of your iPhone so that it looks like a real camera! The USP of this accessory is its metallic and leather detailing, which harmonies perfectly well with the look of a real camera. But, the functional splendor of this accessory is equally lucrative. It comes as an integrated set of five interchangeable lenses. Now, this is needless to say that the effect your photographic expeditions will achieve by means of these attachments will be simply awesome. However, it is not a onetime buy. So, you will never get all the five lenses packed in a single package at the first go. You need to buy them separately to complete your set.



5. Zacuto Zgrip Handgrip mount
The sole aim of this iPhone device is to render stability in photo shoot while on the move. It is basically a hand-grip device. It is equipped with a thread, which is meant for mounting the hand-grip to the tripod when you wish to perform stationary photo shoots. You will also get a bonus light attachment with it for assistance in night-time photography. The mount meant for installing the mount is located right on top of the device. Thus, this petite iPhone accessory is compact enough to give you the closer to real photography feeling.

Zacuto Zgrip iPhone Point’N’Shoot Handgrip Stabilization System for iPhone

6. USBFever’s Special Effects Lenses
This iPhone accessory is a pocket friendly alternative for the users, which renders a lot of facilities at a much economical investment! At a mere price of $13 to $23 the facilities you get with this smart accessory is simply surprising. It integrates a hi-fi feature like detachable lenses for mobile gadgets that are further equipped with wide angle, fish eye, telescopic and macro shoot abilities. Experimentation of your photographic skills is worth doing with this accessory.

Get them on Photojojo’s site here:

Buy the Fisheye, Macro, Wide Angle and Telephoto Phone Lenses at the Photojojo Store!

7. Griffin Clarifi for iPhone 3G and 3GS
This high end iPhone accessory is specially designed keeping in mind the photographic knack of the 3G and 3GS model users. The best part of the accessory is its in-built camera. It works towards enhancing the resolution and gain of your iPhone counterpart. Thus, living up to its declarations, this accessory gives the users the pleasure of shooting macro and close shot subjects in a much finer detail. However, if you are comfortable with normal photography, you can carry on with the same without any complication. Normal photography is supported in this accessory simply by sliding the lenses aside.

Clarifi for Iphone 3G/3GS Wht

8. Joby Gorilla Mobile for iPhone 4
Joby’s latest gift this time is mostly centered towards giving additional facility to the iPhone 4 users. The Tripod Stand from Joby is all set to improve your photography experience. The aesthetic property of the same is also breathtaking. It is a detachable version that features uniform grids all over, just like the royal Victorian furniture. This eye catching stand offers adaptable positioning of your iPhone. So, you can use it as a simple desk stand too.

Joby Gorillamobile on Amazon

gorilla iphone

9. ZoomIt Connector
This is another clever accessory for your iPhone. It gives you the opportunity to use SD memory along with your iPhone. Basically, it will be apt if you refer it as a connector accessory. Now, with this accessory viewing, sharing and accessing all the photos and files in your SD card will be easier, as you need not have to connect your camera with a Mac or PC every time you wish to do the same.

PNY zoomIt Memory Card Reader for iPhone 4 & iPad

zoomit connector for iPhone

10. GLIF

This yet to be commercially launched accessory is a great complement for your photographic ventures on iPhone! It is enabled by Kickstarter and serves dual purposes. While you can find it convenient to mount your iPhone on to the stand on one hand, the kickstart allows you to adjust your device according to your preferred angle on the other hand. So, this is definitely going to be a mega hit among iPhone users.

Glif Tripod Mount & Stand for iPhone 4 & 4S

The assortment of iPhone accessories that have been compiled here are all designed to improve your photographic experience from a number of ways. They are available in a range of prices as well. So, you need to judge the prices and facilities offered by each of them before you settle for your hot pick.

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