1 Password Application Review

One of the applications that I had on my list of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials for Photographers was 1 Password from Agile Bits. If you are like me you probably have 100’s of websites you need a password for. With our lives becoming more and more digital we also store more sensitive information online. Having strong passwords to all of our different logins is increasingly important. Awhile back I went and changed all of my passwords to be unique and be a long password with a mix of numbers, letters and special characters. But once you start creating really strong passwords how do you remember those? 1 Password to the rescue!

1 Password is a application for your Mac or PC which allows you to store your passwords in a secure way. You can also let the application create strong passwords for you which comes in really handy and also save important information like serial numbers for your software and a digital wallet to save your credit card numbers. The real time saver though of the app for me is some of the plugins. They have browser plugins so you can quickly enter in your master password and it will populate the username and password for a website you have stored. So now even though I have these really long, hard to guess passwords I can just click a button in Safari and it will populate and log me in.

1password app review

Another security benefit to using the browser plugin’s is that you are never typing your password or credit card directly into a browser. So if you had a key logger on your computer and someone was trying to track your keystrokes to steal a password or credit card number they would never see it. If you store your credit cards in the wallet all you have to do is enter your master password for the app and click a button when you are on a shopping cart page to populate the credit card number.

Since I am always on the go they also have a iPad, iPhone and Andriod app that you can sync with the desktop version. Now I can easily login with my master password to the app on my iPad and copy/paste the passwords into safari when I’m on the go. The mobile applications are all a separate app and do cost additional. For me though I have felt these apps have been worth every penny. If security is important to you I would definitely check these out.

I have loved using this product for years now and it’s one of the top office tools I recommend. Right now until 11-30 all of their apps are 50% off, you can get the desktop version for the Mac for $24.99 by clicking the button below. Other app links are beneath that.

1Password - Agile Web Solutions

You can get the windows version from their website here: 1 Password for windows

And the iPhone and iPad universal app here:
1Password Pro – Agile Web Solutions

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  1. Another great program with all the same features is Roboform.


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